Pedro Sánchez, at the European Council: “It is up to the EU to pay for the energy interconnection”

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together with our country PortugalEight years after France is isolated and signed concrete commitments to promote energy connections through France, almost nothing has been done

Government chairman Pedro S.
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in Brussels.EFE

“Spanish taxpayers have paid for liquefied gas regasification and storage facilities for decades, now it is up to the European Union to pay for interconnections with the continent.” This is the message that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, He claims to have launched his community partners and Brussels institutions and which he reiterated this Tuesday, very directly, at the end of an informal summit of heads of state and government. together with our country Portugal, is isolated and, eight years after France signed concrete commitments to promote energy connections, almost nothing has been done. You Sanchez hopes European funds Cover that decade of delay.

One of the most important issues of this European Council, held in the capital of Belgium, has been energy. After agreeing on the general lines of the sixth sanctions package against Russia, it was briefly discussed on Monday night and raised again throughout the day this Tuesday. Spain wanted to improve the language of the Conclusion Document, a role that ambassadors and so-called ‘sherpas’ fight for weeks and which has immense political and often legal significance. The one in the previous draft was more general, but in the final text, agreed by 27, there is an explicit reference to Spain and Portugal.

“The European Council calls Complete and improve the interconnection of the European gas and electricity network By investing in and completing infrastructure for new and existing projects including LNG and future-proof electricity and hydrogen-finished gas interconnections in the EU, including island member states. and in the production of renewable energy, taking advantage of the potential of the Iberian Peninsula to contribute to the security of the EU’s supply, based on the next analysis of regulators and the current geopolitical context, the text says. There’s no promise to pay for them, but the president’s team was satisfied with the inclusion, context and tone of the debate just weeks after the European Commission presented its proposal to accelerate energy dissipation of Russian fossil fuels. Billions for major infrastructure.

“The position of the government has always been the same. If we have less than 4% interconnection and we are an energy island, and if taxpayers have to pay for the EU for decades of regasification and storage of liquefied gas have had … these interconnections,” the President pointed out. “We have defended it and the Commission has raised it in its strategy as RepowerEU And we are pleased that it has been recognized that the EU will have to pay for them, among other things, because they are the capabilities available to the EU for which the Spanish have paid,” he insisted.

This European summit has been, in the words of the socialist leader, a “bridge” in the way between last March, where political recognition of “Iberian exceptionalism” was established, however, nothing has happened so far, and June, The last one before the summer vacation, when he will return to the issue. Moncloa is hopeful that this week, perhaps even Wednesday, the commission will finally give the green light to the gas price control mechanism, but the president himself did not want to get wet in his presence in front of the media.

“I want to recognize the ecological transition and the work of the ministries of economy and finance. And of Portugal. In these two months very intensive work has been done with the European Commission and I hope it will happen very soon, it is necessary for the family is the economy, SMEs I hope it will be very soon that we can notify the agreement of the two countries and the commission validates it. We are talking about an intervention which has its complexity but I believe that the agreement Will happen soon”, the President said.

extension of decree law

Finally in his speech, Sanchez acknowledged that the executive is open to the idea of ​​extending the royal decree law that expires on June 30 with extraordinary economic measures, fueled by price increases and electricity pressure. But without giving details of how it wants to do it, does it have enough support or propose alternatives.

“The government has until June 30 the effective date of the royal decree legislation, which has tax reduction in light of taxes, aid to sectors such as transport and primary objects, which increase the number of households with the social bonus of electricity.” 20 percent discount for minimum vital income or gasoline or diesel. We have done this with agreement of many sectors and parliamentary majority. This government is the one which has taken all measures to protect families, companies and country. In difficult times in the U.S., and we will do everything in our power to protect the economy, industry and families. If you want a title, we are ready to extend the decree law beyond June 30,” he explained.

Despite the fact that our country’s energy reliance on Russia is not high, the president has hardened the message he has heard over the past months, indicating that it is “clear that no economy is safe from the effects of supply cuts”. is” Russian gas or oil, referring to the Bank of Spain’s latest forecasts today. but he reiterated thatDoing nothing will cost more”, Asking social agents for an agreement on the income settlement with which to deal with the catastrophe of inflation.

“We put in place a validity every three months to the royal decree, which coincides with the uncertainty and its economic and social impact to see the development of the crisis, it is being done and a response before the end of its validity. Will be,” he said. promised.

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