Pedro Sánchez claims a “great team” in his government after the PSOE and United We Can break up in Congress


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Pedro Sanchez, with Yolanda Dazs and Yolanda Calvio in Madrid this Friday.fernando lavradoEFE

They say there are pictures that are worth a thousand words. it is the maximum government, Just hours after PSOE and United we can split our vote in Congress into legislation promoted by the executive for the first time, nine ministers and Pedro Sánchez have participated in a simultaneous presentation. Harm Social economy and care. An appointment in which the chairman of the government has claimed to be a “great team” after tensions and differences once again existed.

“Progressive Coalition Government”. Not once, not twice, not three times. This has been a recurring tagline that Sanchez coined for . is used during the event held in moncloa, Cautionary words where “government” was not spoken like on other occasions. There was more “Progressive Alliance” this Friday. Trying to show unity.

In the front row and showing that image of unity, Vice Presidents Nadia Calvio and Yolanda Diaz, and Ministers Flix Bolaos, Isabel Rodriguez, Jose Luis Escrive, Ioan Belara, Luis Planas, Irene Monteiro and Carolina Darías listened.

“Thank you all for your work,” was the direct message to his ministers that Sanchez publicly launched. “Thank you and proud of the great team I have in the Progressive Coalition government.”

a staging attempt to sew up wounds and cracks that appear in Congress During processing and voting of the audiovisual law: PSOE managed to get it approved due to the absence of PP, as partners such as ERC and Buildoo voted against it, and United We Can, despite being a law promoted by the executive , be absent. Disagree with some of the changes introduced by the socialists to show their support without negotiating with them.

Gratitude, of course, but a kind of oblique commandment: “There is much to be done and this is what we dedicate, dear ministers of the Progressive Coalition government.” And in case that wasn’t clear, he insisted: “We must show that we have the will and energy to carry out all reforms for the benefit of the social majority.”

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