Pedro Sánchez covered Juan Espadas in January and warned: “The risk to Europe is not the solution to Andalusia”.


The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Andalusian government says the government of Pedro Sánchez 19-J is the “best business card to win”.

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after a week HorribleWith the CNI crisis and the bitter confrontation between the deputy of deputies in the Congress escandalos In a matter of wiretapping of the Pegasus affair, the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, has broken into the Andalusian pre-election campaign this Saturday to support Juan Espadas, the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Andalusian government.

Before an auditorium full of red flags, Pedro Sánchez warned that “the risk to Europe is not the solution to Andalusia”, referring to populist right-wing parties and Vox, which he did not explicitly mention. The polls show a strong increase in votes for the party led by Santiago Abascal in the Andalusian elections on 19 June. The elections also placed him in the future Andalusian government led by Juanma Moreno’s PP.

Faced with these electoral hopes and the risk of the PSOE being once again left outside the San Telmo Palace, Pedro Sánchez pointed out that in the next elections “we are playing forward or backward”, as “only the party” guarantees PSOE is “Social Victory”.

The rally in which Pedro Sánchez participated was held outside the facilities of a school toredelcampo, in the province of Jan, one of the strongholds of Andalusian socialism. According to Paco Reyes, the provincial secretary of the PSOE in this province, the PSOE has ruled uninterruptedly since 1979 in this municipality of Jan. This is the first meeting of the Secretary General of the PSOE in Andalusia, following the president of the Andalusian government, Juanma Moreno, with the next autonomous election called for 25 April. June 19, Ministers Mara Jess Monteiro and Luis Planas took part in the rally.

Juan Espadas has showcased his performance, marking the differences with Susana Daz’s head of the Andalusian PSOE and his open confrontational stage with Pedro Sánchez. great syntona With the national leader of the PSOE further commented that the government he presides is “the best calling card for a socialist in Andalusia to win an election”.

In an attempt to remove the bad signs of democracy, Juan Espadas has declared that “there is still a party” and “if we vote, we win”, regardless of the results presented by all elections. which are known. According to the latest Sigma DOS survey for EL Mundo published on 23 April, Juan Espadas will acquire 33 escaosSimilar results obtained by Susanna Daz in the Andalusian elections of December 2018.

socialist standoff Despite the announcement of a change in the head of the party and the renewal of lists by 70%, it has remained almost stagnant in all elections. In this latest poll, Juan Espadas lost 2.3 points in percentage of the vote compared to what PSOE achieved in December 2018, even though he got the same number of seats, and one point compared to the poll published in January by this newspaper.

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