Pedro Sánchez defends that relating to NATO with the United We Can plan is “essential to guarantee our model of life”.


The President of the Government confirms that Spain will increase its investment in defense

Jens Stoltenberg talks with Pedro So
Jens Stoltenberg talks with Pedro Sánchez on the commemoration of Spain’s accession to NATO.EFE
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from Quintos de Mora Farm moncloa you ali Royal Theater, Pedro Sanchez and Jens StoltenbergThe Secretary-General of NATO today completed the third day of his bilateral work in Madrid to prepare for the summit organized by the Alliance in late June. This Monday’s appointment was made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Spain’s accession to NATO, which was presided over by the king. The President of the Government has put on the table that staying with this organization “is what we are, the model of our lives, essential to guarantee the stability and future of generations to come”.

Speakers of Congress, leader of the Senate, Judiciary, former President Felipe González, José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (Mariano Rajoy pardoned his presence), spoke a few words in front of an auditorium with over 300 guests Went. The opposition, Alberto Nez Feijo, and a maximum of eight ministers, all from the socialist sector. Because no representative of United We Can attend the event, not even Vice President Yolanda Diaz. purple They maintain a critical position regarding NATO, its existence and its actions and, in fact, the shipment of arms to Ukraine caused a split within the alliance.

Sánchez gave a deaf ear to the trouble of his government partner and defended the need not only to belong to NATO, but to deepen the bond, even more so after the war in Ukraine. “Unity and solidarity among allies are the best deterrent weapons,” Sanchez said, pointing to Putin. The enemies of open societies, as the Allies protect, “we need to be right in our decisions and in our definitions.” Should be. most immediate future.

“coordinated effort”

For La Moncloa the key is to “maintain the unity of all of us who believe in democracy” and that unity is seen as “the key to strengthening security. [con la guerra en Ucrania] They have understood that our security is not guaranteed indefinitely, that adversity can linger in our societies and corrupt everything. Coordinated and daily efforts of allies are essential.”

In this framework of strengthening ties, Sánchez has reaffirmed to the Secretary General of NATO and members of the Atlantic Council his commitment to increasing government investment in defense, something that even his fellow Podemos do not share. The head of the executive has pointed out that the only way to strengthen deterrence, military capabilities, is “through increased investment in defence”.

The government’s president sent a clear message to those who criticize this position of allocating more public resources for military spending: “We must tell society that we must strive because freedom and our peaceful and The model of democratic coexistence is under investigation.”

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