Pedro Sánchez Warns EU With A European Coalition To Help With Immigration And Algeria In Crisis


Algiers’ perseverance overwhelmed the government, and Algiers asked for an explicit appointment with the European Commissioner for Trade so that he could protect

Foreign Minister Jose
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, participated in the media yesterday.Carlos LuzniEuropa Press
  • diplomacy The Algerian president reaffirmed Shara’s right to self-determination, and Maduro congratulated her “with admiration”.
  • foreign Brussels calls for talks and demands that Algeria restore trade with Spain

The government’s president, Pedro Sánchez, is overwhelmed by the pulse started by Algeria and his only apparent response yesterday, Thursday, was to request protection. The European Commission, Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebbounehas already been suspended In fact There was no response from the coalition government beyond assurances of importing Spanish products and services and studying the Algerian remedy. Sánchez thus signals extreme weakness in handling this crisis with Algeria, as also shown with Morocco, and submits himself to the European Commission to avoid a bilateral reply. Algiers,

Government sources tell this paper that they see the rationale for Brussels one who responds to a violation Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Agreement of 2005 which already binds the European Union Algeria, Also because of the risk of an immigration problem if the Maghreb country maintains a loose policy with the departure of small boats from its shores as has been experienced in recent times.

With the aim of involving Brussels, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albers, had to cancel an invitation yesterday America to come to him Los Angeles to call America’s summit To request an express appointment to the capital of Belgium. I arranged a meeting with the Latvian Vice President of the European Commission responsible for trade valdis dombrowskiTo highlight the violation of the aforesaid European agreement, which, in his opinion, Algeria may commit an offense by ordering its bank to freeze the direct debits of related commercial operations Spain,

Experts consulted that Algiers was careful to avoid a strong EU backlash by implementing this approval without requiring a rules of origin, i.e. allowing the importation of Spanish products. Portugal or other Member States. It is not doing a good job for now which is as strategic as gas in the EU now, as it has a main supply contract. Spainthrough the company NaturalDue to be signed until 2032 continues to be executed. In other words, the Algerian measure involves hindering purchases from Spain, while ensuring that it continues to sell its key oil and gas products.

The gas is also complicated for Spain to use in the European Union, because another member state, ItalyEven in Algeria there has been a large increase in supply so as not to depend Russia,

The government managed to make a public appeal to Algeria to reverse the suspension of trade to an official spokesman for the European Commission, describing the measure as “extremely worrying”. In addition, in an already somewhat profile situation, he called for dialogue between Spain and Algeria. A common situation in the European Union is not easy, as many member states, such as Italy, have not, like Sánchez, favored Western Sahara to become a territory absorbed by Morocco.

The Algerian president appeared indifferent on Thursday afternoon before the request for reform from Brussels and, on the contrary, reaffirmed with the president Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, -On an official visit to Algiers- his goal of obtaining a referendum on Shara’s self-determination. Maduro, in a joint appearance, agreed with Tebboune, congratulated him and expressed his admiration for the Venezuelan people for their steadfastness in defending the rights of the Saharawi people. Maduro said the whole world should react in favor of the Shara’s historical rights. Parliamentary Speaker of We can do itPablo Ichenic insisted in Madrid that his party, a member of the Coalition, did not share Sánchez’s turn.

Algeria has for some time been critical of the European agreement devised by Albers

Meanwhile, companies across Spain that exported 472 million to Algeria in the first quarter alone showed confusion this Thursday, but a backlash of backlash. Ministry of Industry It is to spread. In view of the short time that has passed, we are studying in detail the scope of the decision and its implications in practice in order to respond in a timely manner, was the official statement of the head of the department, hit the kings,

Commercial technicians from the state consulted that there is nothing to study, as the actual suspension of trade with Spain is a fact since Algeria mandates bank direct debits to be able to export to that country. However, timing of buying is a general trend among PSOE ministers. Both Albare and the Head of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos, the Algerians refrained from reacting forcefully to the challenge. The Foreign Minister predicted that there would be an adequate, calm, constructive and firm response in defense of the interests of Spain and Spanish companies.

Brussels asks Algiers to reform, but talks with Spain

The main argument, a violation of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement, is that which unites the European Union and Algeria in a federation to, among other objectives, develop exchanges, guarantee the expansion of balanced economic and social ties. In other articles, in principle, both parties should adhere to Article 17, which establishes that in trade between Algeria and the Community, quantitative restrictions and measures of equal effect applied to imports or exports shall be abolished. or 38 also: the parties undertake to authorize all existing payments relating to the current transaction, in freely convertible currencies.

However, Algeria has been criticizing that European agreement for some time. In fact, Tebboune himself ordered his government last October to review the commitment he signed under the Spanish presidency of the European Union in 2002 – with it coming into force in 2005 – clause by clause, noting that its application Has not supported all that he should pass.

third vice president Theresa RiveraThe U.S. also warned this Thursday that it could be taken to an international arbitration court if Algiers fails to comply with the supply contract or amends prices abusively, but this is not a path it has taken in the past. I have worried the country of Maghreb.

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