Pegasus case: all the pieces lead to Morocco


Whoever contracted the services of the Israeli system wanted to spy on the backbone of Spain’s state policies

Jose Manuel Albers meeting with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Burita in Marrakech yesterday.EM
  • Government Robles saves Paz Esteban’s head and finds himself in an internal battle in the government.
  • spy Government dismisses Paz Esteban as director of CNI in order to placate his colleagues for listening to Pegasus

Announced yesterday that the home minister’s cell phone was also infected Pegasus Pedro Sánchez and Margarita Robles to conclude that whoever contracted the services of the Israeli system wanted to spy on the backbone of Israel’s state policies. Spain,

The intrusions into the three devices occurred between the end of spring and early summer of 2021, at the height of the biggest diplomatic crisis ever. Morocco -10,000 people entered the fence of Ceuta and swam protected by the inaction of the Moroccan police – before the decision to welcome Madrid in secret for humanitarian reasons, the leader of polisario frontBrahim Gali, who remained in the country from 18 April to 1 June 2021.

The fact that Israel’s program spied on essential ministries in security and immigration relations with Morocco and unsuccessfully attempted with agricultural chief Luis Planas, also a key area in Mohammed VI’s interrelationship with the kingdom, raises suspicion. Is. Rabat, So does references and dates.

The portfolio, headed by Planas – who was the Spanish ambassador to the Kingdom of Alau between 2004 and 2010 – is also extremely important in the fishing sector, noting that Spanish fishermen working in Moroccan waters would be left out if they were eventually executed. do the European sentence that nullifies the agreement between Morocco and ui, and water delimitation. Well, after Sanchez’s approach to Rabat turned last March—against all odds—on the Sahara, Morocco resumed controversial oil prospecting near the coast canary islands,

To these elements we also need to add detection National Cryptologic Center (CCN) that the cell phone of Arancha González Laya, the then head of foreign affairs (who negotiated the street’s entry into Spain to deal with the severe covid), was infected with a malicious program in May 2021. As determined by the National Cryptological Center, the Fernando Grande-Marlasca terminal was breached between June 7 and 26, 2021—the same dates as the hacking of Margarita Robles’ mobile—, when the historic Sahrawi leader had already returned. Despite this fact, the diplomatic crisis continued. Algeria, In that period, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, the country’s highest security official attended five international meetings by videoconferencing.

marlaska, spied on

Marlaska always took a very active role in the crisis with Morocco. On 22 May, he was transferred Melilla To deal with the situation after five nights of pressure at the border. The head of the Moroccan government, to hold an operational meeting of state security forces and bodies in the autonomous city during that visit, Saad-Eddin El Othmani, made a sincere appeal to Spain to take a clear position on the territorial integrity of Morocco. Data revealed by CNN, reliant on the National Intelligence Center (CNI), shows that Pedro Sánchez’s cell phone was infected on May 19, 2021, a day after a mass entry of migrants into Ceuta with the connivance of the police. Moroccan officials. May 31, Pegasus He also spied on the prime minister.

Undoubtedly, Fernando Grande-Marlasca is the main person affected by the hack because the amount of information stolen – in two attempts – is three times more than that obtained from Pedro Sánchez’s terminal.

The material has neither exceeded nor exceeded the degree of sensitivity, although there is much concern about the quantity. It is unknown whether the robbery involved conversation, video with audio as the camera and microphone were activated.

The government is going to put these new disclosures by the National Cryptologic Center in the hands of the courts, thus expanding the complaint filed in the National High Court, which previously referred only to the mobile phones of De Sanchez and Robles.

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