‘Pegasus Case’ judge presents Bolaos as a witness after interrogating CNI director


The magistrate of the National High Court, Jose Luis Calama, wants to travel to Israel to interrogate the man in charge of the company that developed the Spanish program.

Presidential Minister F.
Presidency Minister, Flix Bolaos.EFE

the judge of Pegasus Case has agreed to remove the secrecy weighing on the investigation and has summoned Presidential Minister Flix Bolaos to testify as a witness on 5 July.

National High Court magistrate Jose Luis Calama made the decision last Friday after taking a statement as a witness to the former director of CNI Paz Esteban and the member of the secret services in charge of preparing the report on the case.

These reports revealed that the cell phones of the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the defense minister, Margarita Robles, were infected by an espionage program last year. It was Bolaos who made this information public in a press conference on 2 May.

The judge also decided to expand the Rogatory commission sent to Israel so that a judicial commission with the chief can travel to the country to collect witness statements from the CEO of the company that markets the Pegasus program. The investigating magistrate has directed the company to be the first rogatory commission in this country to report on various aspects of this computer tool.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction No. 4 agrees to uphold the secrecy of the proceedings, although the measure may be re-agreed throughout the course of the investigation.

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