Pell joins calls for a British journalist and an activist at Amazon to “disappear”

disappearing in amazon


“The fight for the protection of the Amazon rainforest and indigenous groups is all of us,” wrote the world’s best football player at the age of 81 before Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira went missing.

Pell at the 2018 World Cup.alexander zemlyanchenko
  • They find blood on the boat of the captives for the two who disappeared in the Amazon.

Pell joins calls for British environmental journalist to “disappear” dom phillips and indigenous rights activists Bruno Pereirawhich happened last Sunday when they were crossing the territory of JavariFeather Brazil’s border with Peru,

The man who became the world’s best football player at the age of 81 wrote, “We all fight for the protection of the Amazon jungle and indigenous groups.” “I am shaken by the disappearance of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira. And I join the voices calling for their search to speed up.”

Famous football player besides former president Luiz Insio Lula da Silvasinger Gabby Amarantos and indigenous leaders sniya gajjar Have joined the petition to the Brazilian government. Wife of Dom Phillips, from UK alessandra sampaiyoBroadcast a painful video on social networks: “I call on the federal government and all competent agencies intensify efforts, because we still have some hope of finding them,

Police have arrested so far suspicious Linked to the double “disappearance”: Amarildo Costa de Oliveira, who held a meeting with 13 indigenous people on Saturday morning. ro itaqua, The suspect allegedly threatened the journalist and activist, who then went on a two-day expedition through the Amazon jungle and never returned to the city. North Watchtowerwhere they were expected.

Bishop Phillips, Regular Aide Guardian You Washington PostWas working on a book on sustainable development at Amazon, financed by Alicia Patterson Foundation, Bruno Pereira works for the Human Rights Observatory of Isolated or Recently Contacted Indigenous Peoples (OPI), a group that protects 26 tribes in the remote Javari Valley.

Over 20 newspapers and media outlets, led by Guardian You Washington PostMeanwhile, he has addressed a letter to President Bolsonaro showing “concerns about minimal resources and limited aid to local authorities” and called for “one”. immediate increase in efforts To find out the whereabouts of Dom and Bruno.

“We need more police, civil defence, military, firefighters,” he warned on the ground Beto Marubo, Talking to local indigenous leader, Guardian, “The area is full of organized gangs, poachers and illegal miners who move around freely and with complete leeway. Under the Govt. Jair Bolsonaro The pressure has become more unbearable.

Swadeshi Activists in 2019 Maxsil Pereira dos SantosExecuted in the purest mafia style: Two bullets in the head while riding a motorcycle! in the city of Tabatinga. with twenty dead In 2020, Brazil was the fourth country in the world with the highest number of murders. For “environmental reasons” (Colombia was first with 65, followed by the Philippines and Mexico, with 30 and 29). According to the Global Witness Organization, three out of four deaths (out of 227) that happened around the world that year Happened in the Amazon region.

worker Bruno Pereira I worked for years funaiOfficial agency dedicated to liaising with Indigenous communities, which saw its personnel and resources as severely depleted bolsonaro to power. Pereira was fired from Funai in 2019 after actually acquiring stop an illegal mining project,

,they destroyed it allThey took the compromised people and left us without protection for personnel or land”, he denounced. The Guardian Entertainer Wazoo, former director of Funai in the region. “The position of Bruno, which was originally intended to coordinate work in the field, was given to an evangelical pastor.”

Berno Pereira ended up working in OPI, for his position as an expert in recently contacted communities and his negotiating ability. ,The atmosphere is bad with this president that encourages violence near us,” condemns the executive coordinator of the IPO, fabio ribero, “Bolsonaro has extended his support to illegal mining and Impunity increases by days, We can see what happens before our eyes. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of “attacks.”

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