Penelope Cruz star vandalized Madrid’s Walk of Fame


At two o’clock on Sunday morning, the star of the actress was still there, but by morning it was completely destroyed and the letters had disappeared.

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Actress Penelope Cruz’s star is revealed this Sunday on the street of Martin de los Heros on the Walk of Fame in Madrid shattered and the letters of his name disappeared,

At two o’clock on a Sunday morning, the star of the cruise was in its place, But in the morning I was completely broke And the letters had disappeared, an employee of the Ocho y Medio bookstore dedicated to the Seventh Art confirmed to Efe.

According to staff at the theaters next to the Walk of Fame, there are many people who come take pictures With the stars and complain about the fall that has some of them.

And it is that this is not the first star on the Madrid Walk of Fame to be busted, but perhaps others were not the target of such acts of vandalism. But due to the weight of the vehicles passing above,

A week ago, the Ministry of Culture and Sports had given permission National Film Awards 2022 Penelope Cruz to have “an extraordinary career” internationally, which did not prevent her from maintaining “a strong connection with Spanish cinema”.

Out of 25 stars on the Madrid Walk of Fame, the actress disappeared long ago carmen mouraand the actor’s partially damaged Javier BardemHusband of Penelope Cruz and husband of the director Luis Garcia Berlanga,

It was submitted in June 2011

Where did the first idea to install plates originate? Jess RoblesOne of the owners of the Ocho y Medio store, who died as a result of cancer in 2013.

“We launched the idea and met the district councilor several times. The cinemas were opposite, the road was pedestrianized for a short time. It seemed perfect,” he continued. Mara Silveiro, Jess’s widow and manager of this book store, a job she shared with him for decades, gave the newspaper ‘El Pas’ a few days ago.

The Film Academy, one of the promoters of the project, selected their names. 25 slabs And he promised to lengthen the tour with another name every year, which happened only once, when director Luis Escobar was added.

The newspaper asked who should take care of this journey, lovero ballerne (PP), a district councilor at the time and today a deputy of the Madrid Assembly, who had met with Silveiro and who had signed an agreement with the film academy to raise the stars, did not remember who looked after him. But happens. “It will appear in the document,” he explained. But the agreement is nowhere to be seen.

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