“Perfect Hunting Pieces” for Jorge Ignacio Palma’s “Invisible Woman Murder”

  • Holocaust Cocaine of great purity in the genitals: this is how Marta Calvo’s confessed killer was put to death
  • Interview Marta Calvo’s mother: “I wish she never saw the sunlight again, like my daughter doesn’t see it”

indifferent to the harshness of the story he was hearing, helped George Ignatius Palma in the first session of the trial in which he is charged with the murder of the young Valencian Martha Baldo, Arlene Ramos You Lady Marcella Vargas, as well as attempted murder of the other eight. Dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, fully shaved, he appeared before a jury of seven women and two men, who next month will hear the evidence and determine whether he intends to end the lives of these three women by drunkenness. is guilty. cocaine. Of great purity until death, something he tried to do with the survivors under a patron.

The prosecutor’s office, which requests 130 years in prison for 11 offenses of sexual abuse, three of them as a necessary means for the offense of murder and seven for the offense of hurt and against public health request. The public stressed the “special vulnerability” of Palma victims. He contacted all of them through contact websites, agreeing to the cost of his services on the condition that they include a ‘white party’ (drug use) and to have all of them in his genitals against his will. Introducing cocaine stones. “Jorge Ignacio Palma found the right game,” said prosecutor Socorro Zaragoz, an expert in gender violence. “We all know how prostitutes live and work. There is a belief that anything can be done to them for money and it is very difficult for them to report it. In this country, rape of a prostitute is considered It was the most difficult to prove by his client, but since 2015 he has been given a voice and a right”, he insisted.

The prosecutor assured that the pattern the accused followed, how he made contact, how he introduced the drug through the vagina, anus or “smearing” would be proven. “He had a purity cocaine that is not easy for the user to obtain. It is only available to big mafia, You can’t buy it,” he insisted. And it’s a dark point that hangs over the case: Jorge Ignacio’s high standard of living and the drugs he had is why he was charged with crimes against the public. was accused of.

As for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, her activity is equivalent to “Marta Calvo’s Mother Courage”. “We are here because thanks to him, who went to his house to look for his daughter, Jorge Ignacio disappeared. His picture started appearing in the media and the victims came out, they were all prostitutes used by this man. At the same time, the Civil Guard learns that the National Police is investigating two similar deaths.” They belong to Arlene Ramos and Lady Marcela Vargas, who happened months ago.

The prosecutor described Jorge Ignacio’s confession as “tailored” for the murder of Marta Calvo. “I’ve spent a season in the mountains and I arrive with a handwritten letter,” said Zaragoz ironically. “It would be easy to distort the confession,” he warned the jury, as well as the mood of the accused. “One of the expert tests will show you his coolness when talking about fragmentation. He’s not remorseful or sad. The only thing that worries him is that they don’t do anything to him in prison. He’s got a sense of conscience. Have no remorse. He’s a criminal with a criminal record for resistance and disobedience and drug trafficking. And we wouldn’t have caught him if it weren’t for Marta Calvo’s mom. He would have continued to do the same thing if it were Wouldn’t have been for Marta’s mother’s fuss,” he assured.


Private charges followed the path opened by the prosecutor. punisher Juan Carlos Navarro They represent the families of Arlene and Lady Marcella, for whose murders she requests a reviewable permanent prison, in addition to six other victims, and describes Jorge Ignacio’s conduct as an “invisible femicide”. Is. “It is not just murder, but choosing that they are women and in a position of superiority, abuse. And it becomes invisible because they are women who practice prostitution,” explained the lawyer, from the attitude of the accused. astonished.

During her explanation to the jury, Navarro recalled the freedom with which these women acted and Palma perverted her. “Can I buy prostitute women and satisfy my fiery mood? It was this man’s game. He contacted them on web pages, used false names, hired them and believed he was theirs.” He can do whatever he wants with him,” he sentenced. Navarro’s office mate, representing one of the survivors, insisted, “What he was looking for, not sex, was secondary. What he was looking for was them. It was to give drugs and watch them die.”

without Marta’s body

Marta Calvo’s mother’s lawyer, Pilar Jove, showed two photos of the young woman on her 25th birthday, the last photo she celebrated before a “fatal overdose of cocaine” killed her. “There is no doubt that Marta is dead, but she does not sleep peacefully. For she rests somewhere that only this man knows. The worst punishment is to lose a child, but the punishment is not being able to bury it.” This is the fine and the punishment this man has imposed,” argued the lawyer, who described the only version that Jorge Ignacio has of what he did to the young woman’s body, “unrealistic and illogical. Because “if someone dies, we will kill him.” What ordinary mortals do, call the emergency room, don’t dismantle it”.

Marisol Byrne’s lawyer recalled how “16,000 cubic meters of garbage” had been removed for eight months without finding any trace of Marta’s body. “Marta is victim 0 and others were discovered as a result of him, and many who did not want to be condemned. He knows how to distinguish between good and evil. He may be a psychopath, but he distinguishes, ” he insisted.

Jorge Ignacio Palma, sitting next to his lawyer in front of the jury, looked at the faces of the lawyers for the charges, and he only nodded his head once, when the lawyer for Marta Calvo’s father, Candela Estávez, said that he would Continued “deadly sexual behavior”, confusing his victims with the concept of “white party” and knowing the “danger and fatal consequences” that were for Arlene and Lady Marcella. At that time he asked his lawyer for a paper and wrote something.

Used for his defense, by lawyer Maria Herrera – who had already represented him in a drug trafficking case in Navarra in which he accepted a sentence of 3 years and 4 months – his client is innocent and its In addition, he produces his “drug addiction”. “He never killed or intended to kill, did not abuse or injure, nor did he intend to do so,” he defends. I says.

relationship and consent drugs

In front of the jury, he described their fight as “David against Goliath”. “They might think I’m crazy, but after talking to him I realized he didn’t commit any criminal act,” she assured in a cocky tone, recalling that her job was not to prove Jorge Ignacio’s innocence. is, “but we are going to prove it with two tools: law and truth”.

He insisted, as told by his client, that he found out about the death of Arlene (who spent weeks in a coma and donated his organs) and Lady Marcella while she was in prison and that George Ignacio “never denied” where Bodie was. “Although it is not easy to detect in a landfill”, by Marta Calvo.

Along the same lines, he highlighted sexual abuse—”Women willingly agreed to white parties, the introduction of coca into the genitals,” he said—and that his client had drugs, “not a gram.”

To conclude, he made two painful arguments for the charges. First, putting myself in Marisol Byrne’s place: “I completely understand the mother, and her thoughts on why she didn’t remove my daughter from these stories.” Second, indicating the nationality of his client. “He’s Colombian, I don’t think he’s a xenophobe at the moment. He’s committed a petty drug trafficking crime he’s committed, so he’s going to dedicate himself to killing women? He’s a psychopath.” No, forensic experts have said so,” he concluded.

The hearing will resume tomorrow with the first statements of the survivors and is scheduled to last until the second week of July. Jorge Ignacio will testify on July 6.

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