Peru sues Repsol for oil spill off the coast of Lima and demands 4,300 million euros


Repsol describes the lawsuit, which seeks $3,000 million in damages and $1,500 million for non-pecuniary damages, as baseless, unacceptable and inconsistent.

Several workers clean up Pocitos beach in Ancon, Peru.
Several workers clean up Pocitos beach in Ancon, Peru.Martin MejiaAP
  • environment Repsol did not know about the magnitude of the oil spill “until a day later” off the coast of Peru.

the government of Peru finally sued Repsol Due to oil spill on the coast of Lima, The legal action, headed by the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (Indocopy), has been filed with the Superior Court of Justice in Lima with a request for $4,500 million (about $4,300) in damages compensation. million euros).

This government agency assumes $3,000 million in damage and 1,500 million moral damages to consumers and users. This is the first case in Peru in which an international oil company has been prosecuted, although it also involved Mapfre and many other companies.

“The oil spill from the Repsol company affected more than 700,000 residents. Many beaches were closed, limiting public access, and shops, restaurants and tourism services also stopped operating during the summer season. Several fishermen’s associations in Coves Window A valley were also affected,” in a nutshell Julian PalasinPresident of Indocopy.

The stain stretched for more than 140 kilometers and affected the water and coast, even causing the death of fish, marine mammals and birds. Ecological devastation in the waters of the Peruvian coast and on the beaches Lima and Callao On 15 January “arose due to an uncontrolled movement when crude was being unloaded at Terminal No. 2 of the Refinery. la pampilla“, insisted Repsol. The Spanish company was kept under watch for the storm, although an internal investigation by the multinational pointed to the ship’s captain great doricumUnder the Italian flag, as the main responsible for the spill of about one million liters of crude oil.

Repsol delivered the verdict immediately and described the trial as baseless, baseless and inconsistent, The oil company responded, “It does not address the cause of the leak or the cleanup and treatment work already completed by Repsol, or the channels of care for those affected, who have since the accident” taken all the means at their disposal. includes. , clean and improve the beach, help communities in the area, and protect and care for affected organisms”.

Amid the current chaos led by the Peruvian government, a cleanup drive was conducted against the clock to halt the progress of the oil slick. Peter Castle, which changed its ministers several times in a matter of weeks. Repsol paid more than $600,000 in fines plus advance compensation to hundreds of fishermen and those affected.

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