Petrol price runs wild for another week while diesel price falls


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Average fuel price in Spain has returned to an uneventful behavior this week, while gasoline continues to rise and set a new historical record, el diesel continues to decline for the third consecutive week and cheap again compared to the average for EU countries.

Compared to a year ago, gasoline is 45.7% more expensive and diesel, 52.8% more affected by the war in Ukraine, than a year ago, according to data from the European Union Petroleum Bulletin.

Specifically, the average petrol price this week in Spain is 1,968 euros per liter, which represents an increase of 1.44% compared to EUR 1.94 in the previous week. It has increased by 23.6% since the start of the war conflict in Ukraine and has already increased six weeks up.

Gasoline Price Map 2022 (Interactive)

For its part, diesel’s 1,852 Euro per litre, 0.8% down from the previous reference’s 1.867 euro. In his case, the increase is still 29.2% since the end of February.

With last week’s prices, filling a tank of 55 liters of gasoline costs 108.24 euros, one euro and 54 cents more than in the previous week, while a tank of a diesel vehicle costs 101.86 euros, compared to the previous week. 83 cents less in comparison. final reference.

Diesel Price Map 2022 (Interactive)

Spain continues to have an average amount of both fuels below the euro area average, Where the retail price of a liter of petrol was fixed at EUR 2,074 per liter and that of diesel at EUR 1,895.

In addition, Spanish diesel again costs less than the EU average of 1,857 euros, while it is also lower in gasoline, which was priced at EU-27 during last week’s 2,011 euros per liter.

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