Physical activity and physical exercise: are they the same? Which one helps you to lose weight?


Daily activities such as playing with children, walking the dog, climbing stairs or hanging clothes are far more useful than believed for losing weight.

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  • slim down NEET: The Secret to Losing Weight Without Going to the Gym

“I want to lose 7kg in less than a month” Kim Kardashian“. Surely you have heard this phrase countless times or even you yourself began to find out Google How to lose so many kilos in such a short time. I’m sorry to break into this fantasy, but I have to tell you that it’s not possible, “unless you want to risk your muscle tissue.” Loss of more than 20-30% its, and, frankly, putting your health and life at risk, because Rapid weight loss can also lead to death“, emphasizes the strength and conditioning specialist coach, Marcelo Fabian Broc Angulo.

But why is there such a rush to lose weight now that summer has arrived? “Because we live in a ephemeral world in which we like things for “now”, the famous “Yismo”: “I already want to lose weight”, “I already want to disappear cellulite” “, comments the expert.

We don’t like processes, waiting frustrates us. For this reason, we resort to dangerous, sudden methods that make us pay with our health in order to fit into a dress in society or along the way. Kim Kardashian,

However, if you have a goal for this year reduce weightbut hand in hand healthyBrock indicates that “Negative energy is the only way to stay in balance. a calorie deficit, We are talking about the calorie, which is the unit by which energy consumption is measured. To lose weight, that energy expenditure has to exceed intake.”

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t feel like going to the gym, the trainer says: reduce weight It doesn’t need to complicate our lives “Playing with kids, walking the dog, climbing stairs, doing laundry, playing with kids, reading a book, standing on the subway, walking on the street can make you lose weight faster than you think”. it is called Neat: Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis Or in Spanish, physical activity not associated with scheduled exercise that generates caloric expenditure.

But what is the difference between physical activity and physical exercise? “Physical activity refers to any level of activity above rest and sitting. Physical exercise, on the other hand, is physical activity that is planned, structured, and repeated.”

They are not the same, but both give us health. What should a person who wants to lose weight pay attention to?“Physical activity is the key to creating a calorie deficit. Physical exercise also helps (though to a lesser extent than physical activity) to increase daily energy expenditure. Both are keys. However, physical activity is essential as it helps to maintain negative energy balance. Training a few times a week and then leading a sedentary life is not enough to lose weight. It is physical activity that represents a very important and the majority expenditure of energy in our days”.

In the “fit” line, the most recommended thing to do in that weight loss, what seems to be missing is body fat. but, When is weight loss considered successful? “When a person is able to handle the anxiety that arises from weight loss, when they are able to handle the desire for unhealthy foods, and the third point is when it comes to weight loss,” the expert says.

At this time of year when gyms are full and we crave the “perfect body,” experts remind us there’s no reason to resort to aggressive and dangerous treatments that put people’s health at risk. “Let them eat a high-protein meal, but what will they say no”He draws conclusions.

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