Pilgrim Ronaldo arrives at Santiago de Compostela: “with great stiffness and pain in the ass”


Brazil, Valladolid’s president, promised Camino would do if Pusela returned to the First Division. And, although on an electric bike, he did.

Ronaldo Nazario in Santiago de Compostela.
Ronaldo Nazario in Santiago de Compostela.

President of real valladolid, Ronaldo Nazariohave confessed upon arrival this wednesday obradoiro squarehas been an “incredible” experience completing the stages of winter road one who binds bierzo Thief santiago de compostela Through the Sill River Valley.

“It’s been a wonderful experience, Could not be better, It is true that the Camino is very tough, there are many obstacles, but it has been four incredible days. i have many shoelaces, my ass hurts so much, but it was worth it. The Camino is beautiful and the cathedral is incredible”, he declared to the reporters who were waiting for him.

Crowds of people, in many jerseys Milan and others real madridPatiently waited for the Brazilian star upon arrival at the finish line, where Galicia’s director of tourism was also present, Nava CastroFrom Xunta.

“I did not expect this reception, it has been spectacular. Upon reaching the cathedral, the energy of the people was already noticeable, it’s a special moment“, shared Ronaldo, who admitted that had not returned to Santiago since 1996When he scored a brilliant goal as a player Barcelona To SD Compostela in San Lazaro.

During the Camino, Ronaldo, as he has described, felt “a lot” of people’s support, in addition to knowing that “stories of wonderful people“, so he wants to reiterate the experience: “Maybe I’ll do it by walking, but I don’t know when”.

on electric bike

President of Real Valladolid Fulfillment of its promise to complete the Camino de Santiago began last Sunday electric bicycleBecause he was quite sure that he was not in his best form. Overall, he was convinced that it would be an unforgettable experience as his club’s promotion to the First Division, precisely the reason for this adventure.

The route began and ended with fresh air, the starting point being the Nuevo José Zorilla Stadium, which served as the final stage for the fine climb. Nazario recognized from the first minute”zero trained” and overcame it by taking advantage of his “game history” 50 kms of each stage, “The Camino is going to be very beautiful, physically I know I will suffer but it is going to be an unforgettable experience,” he warned at the starting gun.

The Brazilian teammate and former player from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan revealed that he had made a promise to join the silver tier of Spanish football and insisted that after that collision, the team had made a comeback to ensure a return. The helm was given. to do first.

“When we came down, I knew we had to” a lot of work to go back to the first the division. I promised, we’ve done a great job, especially at the beginning of the year, all the changes we’ve made, all the philosophies we’ve changed,” he defended.

That goal against Compostela

In this sense, it values ​​the quality of the game. pusella and says that the team has “a .” have played very good football” and “he deserves to be promoted”, for which he has paid the promise and taken the opportunity to satisfy “an old desire”, which Santiago de Compostela has to know very well.

“I’m playing and I have the famous Compostela goal, but the Camino is something special that I had in mind”, he maintained in reference to the goal on this tournament in October 1996 by beating three defenders with Barcelona shirts. And it was a boost as a football star before the great English coach Bobby RobsonWho while galloping through the middle of the field put his head in his hands.

The Blanquivioletta director is not alone on this journey, as he is accompanied by his companions, Selina LocksA guide, a physiotherapist, a mechanic, a support person and a recording team with whom he has offered material for his channel Twitch, Ronaldo TV. Nazario made another pilgrimage, thus thanking Pusela’s return to the First Division of Spanish football.

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