Pilgrimage to the village of El Rocco in search of votes… or miracles

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The pilgrim who is a pilgrim arrives at El Rocco, in addition to being weary, dirty and possessing an almost mystical euphoria. a promise and a request, Promise is the way and prayer, most of the time, has to do with health, with one’s own existence.

three pilgrims This Saturday he stepped on the sand of the village of Almonte, he was not dirty, nor was he very tired, but he had a request and a promise, and his (political) health took him one step at a time.

Juanma Moreno, Juan Espadas and Juan Marn make their special appearance Pilgrimage For a pilgrimage that was like never before after a two-year absence due to the pandemic and in a setting as beautiful as the crowd (at the gate of Doana): from only 1,700 residents million people And many of them are potential voters.

The candidates of PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos said they were distancing themselves election suit To enter the sanctuary and pay their respects to the Virgen del Rocco, but the shadow of the ballot box in which they expect to count all possible votes on June 19, were inseparable.

Moreno, who in two weeks is at stake for a historic victory and being held hostage by a single government or Vox, gave his visit institutional characterPresiding over a presentation of the fraternity before Almonte Headquarters in his capacity as Chairman of the Board.

But this did not prevent them from taking a collective bath, greeting left and right, and receiving more than one, and more than two, symbols of affection. and even some Appreciation, Pure fuel for the road, no matter how many polls are in his favour, what remains between now and the 19th.

The president of Andalusia, also a candidate of the PP, was clarified – if there was any doubt – in the interview he gave to the Onda Cerro radio station in the same village.

electoral duplication

PP-A leader puts his candidate’s shoes on the table once again repetition of elections If the results alone aren’t enough to rule out, requests that Pilgrim Moreno can do White Dove well tomorrow.

By the elections, she insisted, a viable and probable government should emerge and, translated, meant that she did not want to remain in the hands of Macarena Olona. I will do everything possible so that the elections are not repeated, he insisted with a promise, although it seemed Warning,

the goal is popular The campaign aims to add, at least, more seats than all the rest and it seems, according to polls, within reach. But that, moreover, it is not up to Vox and it has become almost one on the demands of Macarena Olona and Santiago Abascal. Passion And it is not that easy for them.

As much as he said that the coalition that forced Castilian Leoni Alfonso Fernández Mauco was not yet in his plans, he is great danger that they want to be extirpated in pp.

For this reason, Moreno periodically ghosts repeated polls and confirms, as he did at El Rocco today, that he does not want to waste time in one. absurd and sterile conversation,

Socialist candidate Juan Espadas, chats with a pilgrim
Socialist candidate Juan Espadas talks with a pilgrim in the village of El Roco, this Saturday.PSOE Andaluca

Every vote counts and in a village that has become one of the most populous cities in Andalusia for a weekend, temptation is in every pilgrim who comes to the sanctuary and in every household where the vote is celebrated these days. reunion,

There are no official records of the pilgrims he spoke with or the homes he visited, but Juan Espadas more than required voters to protect him. Disaster That demoscopic study ventures.

The PSOE candidate went to El Rocco on a private visit, though an announced visit, and appeared before Virgin with his wife, Carmen Ibanco.

He did this after lamenting a few hours earlier in Seville, that he wanted to derive political mileage from the celebrations and traditions as deeply rooted as the El Rocco pilgrimage and to launch one of his star promises of the campaign. After: Build 100,000 youth jobs If he becomes president.

the idea is very similar employment scheme Launched just a few days ago by Pedro Sánchez’s government, though more ambitious. Swords promised to invest 2,000 million euros between public and private investments over four years to the legislature.

disposition He has a large cross of his own electorate with which swords wield and with it he appeared in the village of Almonte yesterday. From the slogan they chose for the campaign—if we vote—to the promises, everything is focused on the PSOE-A campaign to convince its ordinary voter to leave the house on the 19th and choose the general ballot.

in that effort they’re counting on Ferraz. in support of And from the executive itself, which almost every day sends reinforcements in the form of ministers. This Saturday it was the head of the Treasury, María Jess Monteiro, who traveled to Málaga for an expedition and asked to throw all the meat on the grill to preside over the swords.

The same espadas that were running the streets of El Rocco at the time were escorted by employees of Huelva PSOE, which included one of his closest associates, María Márquez, or the mayor of the capital, Gabriel Cruz.

He did not ask for votes, but the Samajwadi candidate did not miss the opportunity to congratulate selfie,

Juan Maru, Vice President and Candidate of Ciudadanos
Juan Marn, vice president and candidate of Ciudadanos, with Marta Basquet in the village of Almonte.Europa Press

Similar to the head of the Ciudadanos list, Juan Marn, third passenger In El Rocco, Joe also arrived with institutional band and dressed as the vice chairman of the board.

Marn took part in the presentation of the Allied fraternity, as Moreno, in the company of the Speaker of the Parliament, Marta Bosquet, came and greeted and found time to attack Abascal, whom he accused of using Andaluca as a . trampolon Towards La Moncloa.

People of talent and ability live in Andalusia and cannot be insulted, as he does, saying that if he wants to present himself to the citizens, he must do so when his time comes, And here he will talk about Andalusia and what he has come to do for Andalusian..

With regard to the Roko pilgrimage he stressed that it is going on as normal and without incident The relevant big news is that the Romero 2022 plan is running normally, thanks to the cooperation of the security forces and corps, big brothers and all fraternities.

It’s time to enjoy a few days of being together in the village, it brings us many memories and feelings, insisted Marn, who is literally putting his party’s existence in danger in these elections.

It would not be unreasonable to imagine that Ciudadanos could ask candidate Virgen del Rocco to scratch someone second seat More than two, which, for now, the election gives them.

Who knows if he even went as far as the Vowel Chapel, which is a stone’s throw from the sanctuary where more than one selfieKeep the promises and prayers of many other pilgrims lit on the lights a candle,

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