Pineapple Diet, How To Lose Weight And Not Health

Raise your hand whoever hasn’t looked at him favorably a drank In the days leading up to summer… Yes, when it’s time to take off the layers and put on a bathing suit, the pineapple takes a place in the collective imagination. For several reasons: It’s fresh, tropical, sweet… and it promises to lose weight in less time than it takes to bite it. At least, that’s the widely accepted message given by the popular Pineapple DietWhich is one of the most followed in our country with the advent of good weather.

In its strictest version, with Pineapple Diet You can lose at least four kilos in two days. And some more if it continues for another day, up to five kilos. As a shock measure, it affects. “Its followers confirm that it is a diet purifying and diuretic It helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body and lose weight quickly,” explains nutritionist Sarah Jimenez, assuring that there are many Variants“Some are more strict, in which only pineapple is eaten during the day, and others are slightly less severe, in which this fruit may be accompanied by some protein, such as meat, fish or eggs”.

And yes, it works. Or not. “If we measure Effectiveness A diet for kilos that are lost on doing it, yes it is effective. He’s not deceived. If you don’t eat reduce weight”, assures Sarah Jimenez. Now, “should we measure the effectiveness of any diet by the number of kilos lost or by the quality of the food it provides and how it adapts to our day-to-day lives? Is it?”, asks the nutritionist and the answer here is very complicated.

For a healthy plan to work, it needs to be an “A” Diet in the following CarbohydrateWith five meals a day that include a variety of proteins—chicken, eggs, dairy…-, vegetables and plenty of water, always have pineapple as a fruit”, explains Dr. Maria Jose Crispon, nutritionist at Clinica Menorca. In this case, “it doesn’t sound like a bad diet to follow for five or seven days,” says the doctor, although she considers it “quite.” HarshToo boring and monothematic. The problem, they say, comes with older versions. Particle This plan, in which only pineapple is eaten for two or three days, without adding any other food.

Nutritionist Sarah Jimenez Doesn’t Like This Diet Too, Because It’s Too Harsh And Don’t Indulge Healthy Eating Habits, “It Might Also Be” harmful health if done over a long period of time,” he says. You will not be able to maintain a healthy weight and body shape. Health Appropriate,” he explains.

how to diet pineapple

Pineapple erases from diet eating plan Carbohydrate, so you can not take grain; Goodbye to pasta, rice, bread, potatoes or legumes. In its less strict version, it usually accompanies rich foods. protein,

one of the most widespread Diet Forces you to not eat any solid food for a few days which is not drank natural, never in syrup. In addition, you can drink only liquids, basically water (at least two liters), infusions and natural juices without sugar. The aim is to reduce fat and carbohydrate intake and eliminate toxins. But this formula is not the best for weight loss. “Eating Alone” drank It is incomplete from nutritional point of view. And humans too, because you get bored,” says Dr. Crispen bluntly.

According to Sarah Jimenez, this is an example of a day’s menu that needs to be repeated for two or three.

  • breakfast. 2 slices of pineapple, one decaffeinated coffee with skimmed milk and one skimmed yogurt.
  • Meal. 2 slices of pineapple, one grilled chicken fillet and one skimmed yogurt.
  • Sew. 2 slices of pineapple, one boiled egg and one skimmed yogurt.

How Much Can You Lose With The Pineapple Diet?

those who follow Pineapple Diet Strictly and only take this fruit and lose fluid weight because they hardly eat about 2 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, thousand heats and calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A, E and B and small doses of potassium. It is impossible to keep up with the times. “I would never recommend it,” says Dr. Crispen. “It’s better to turn to fruits because although pineapples have great properties, other fruits do too, and they provide antioxidants, various vitamins and minerals, and a variety of fiber.”

Nor do nutritionists recommend it, which points to an increase in consumption of which of the few benefits of the plan Water and of fiberwhich contributes to regulating intestinal transit and debug? Life. “This diet is based on the fact that people should cleanse or detoxify themselves,” explains Sarah Jimenez, but “human beings are not swimming pools, we don’t have to. debug any. This a. is about making calorie deficit Too serious to lose weight. The problem is, the moment you go off this diet, you’ll fall back into your old habits, and that will lead to weight gain.”

The version of this diet that includes other solid foods is something else. “show a low carbon diet Strict, low carb, low calorie, no ‘junk’ food or drink, definitely good and healthy and works reduce weight“, explains M. Jose Crispon. But still, the doctor does not like it. “With a single contribution of fruit I do not recommend it. And it should never be followed for more than five or seven days, because besides being boring, monothematic and weary, it seems that other fruits are not good or necessary, and certainly they are more or less than fruit. drank,

Pineapple Diet Problems

Sarah Jimenez explains that the main problem is that it promises things that aren’t. Real, “It’s true that you lose weight and very Fast, but because you stop eating. That’s how everyone loses weight”, he explains. And as soon as a normal diet is restored, the dangerous rebound effect, “Since the body was already used to living with fewer calories when we give it more, it stores them in case food comes back in times of drought in the future. Victory ms kg”.

In addition, Dr. Crispen cautions that with Diet special care should be taken with Allergies (Swollen lips, tingling in the throat and swelling of the tongue and even the face, are the most frequent symptoms. A severe allergy can cause asthma or rhinitis. People allergic to wheat, carrots, latex or pollen more likely in pineapple. Will react too), the Acidity (Pineapple is very acidic and can cause sores and irritation in the mouth, tongue, and tongue, as well as digestive problems such as heartburn or reflux) and Teeth (This fruit can damage enamel and stain teeth because of its pH; you need to brush them thoroughly immediately after each meal). and, in the case of pregnancyRecommends Moderation: “A small amount is good and may even help ward off morning sickness, but some enzymes in this fruit increase uterine contractions in early pregnancy.”

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