Podemos and government allies called on Congress to investigate “media, business and Parapolis networks in the service of counterfeit interests.”


ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufik
ERC spokesman Gabriel Ruffin.zipikEFE

ERC, EH Bildu, CUP, JxCAT, PDeCAT, BNG, United We Can and Comproms, in short, all the parliamentary allies of the government and the smaller accomplices of the executive itself have filed a request in Congress to create a commission to investigate ” various official Link to state bodies and a media, business and para-police network, with resources and weapons paid for with funds reserved and possibly reserved for state agencies in the service of counterfeit interests outside of the general public.

Signatory groups take it “without a doubt” that the Spanish state has “vigilance structures outside current law, made up of high-ranking officials who are members of security forces and bodies and with access to equipment—and Weapon-Highly Sensitive”.

They affirm that these structures have their roots in the dawn of democracy and in the “involvement of intelligence services and other state institutions with the conspiracy of the 23-F coup or GAL”. They therefore claim that this type of network is a “historical constant” that is not subject to control despite “payments for public resources” and takes as an example the so-called Patriotic Police to obstruct the investigation of corruption cases. was created for. of government. Spying on PP, as well as the former treasurer of the Popular Party, Luis Brasenas. They also refer to the tandem cases, “little Nicholas”, that Dr. Pinto or “the irregular police investigation of Podemos and its financing”, in which former commissioner Villarejo appeared as a major character.

In this sense, they rebuke Pedro Sánchez’s executive for not explaining his commitment to destroy the said structures and, moreover, they blame him for submitting accounts for the espionage case to activists, politicians. Blame it on trying to escape by all means. , lawyer and freedom journalist. A scam, they say, “should be investigated as an initial step to assume the relevant responsibilities and purge it.”

As with the Commission of Parliamentary Inquiry, which they intend to promote, the signatory structures intend to “detail Villarejo’s links with police and media networks”, they affirm, “for information on public figures and political parties”. to obtain funds by coercion with “irregularly obtained”; to “investigate the possible existence of any Parapolis plot outside the law” and its link with private networks; to “dispose of arms and equipment” of said plots Learn and propose parliamentary control of the Secret Services, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense to prevent “irregular espionage plots or the future creation of any parallel police structure outside the law.”

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