Podemos and IU resort so that Teresa Rodriguez isn’t in the television debate


The Por Andaluca coalition opposes the debate plan for coverage of Nahar Suri

Podemos and IU iterate so that Teresa Rodre
  • 19J Vox urges electoral board to agree on televised debate terms for Andalusian campaign

The leftist coalition Por Andalucá, led by IU and Podemos, has challenged the debate plan on Canal Sur Télévision to veto the participation of Adelante Andaluca candidate Teresa Rodriguez, so the regional electoral board will have to decide on the matter.

The coalition has registered a letter with the electoral board, which the EFE has access, asking that Adelante Andalucá’s participation in televised debates be suppressed and limited to parties with parliamentary representation.

They also ask that “politically important groups” be included in the coverage plan and that the scheduled interview with Teresa Rodriguez be eliminated.

The Cádiz leader has already announced that if the Autonomous Electoral Board accepts the appeal, it will appeal to the Central Electoral Board and the court, noting that Por Andalucá’s appeal “does not respect plurality” and “a favors” the right and far right of the screen in the debate of candidates for “give it more quota”.

Rodriguez’s formation has questioned what Por Andaluca agreed with the rest of the party this Wednesday, except for Vox, Rodriguez’s appearance in the candidates debate on both Canal Sur and TVE.

Teresa Rodriguez and Adelante’s “Veto” of Por Andalucá represent the second phase and a new episode of the open conflict between these two structures, which started the legislature together until Podemos and IU “Transfuguismo” and eight others similar. ideological representatives.

There began a “political war” that later led to divisions and conflicts between Podemos and IU and the rest of the Adelante formations, now confirmed in the new Adelante Andaluca.

Por Andaluca now takes this struggle to the electoral board twice. Last Monday, at the proposal of Por Andaluca, the Andalusian election board agreed to drop Teresa Rodriguez, the candidate for Adelante Andaluca, without the financial funds that she requested as part of the coalition that she had won the 2018 Andalusian election. Led the elections with the same name. Present.

Canal Sur and RTVE both proposed a debate of six candidates, including Teresa Rodriguez, although she is not associated with any parliamentary group due to her expulsion as an MP.

This argument was used by the Andalusian Electoral Board to deny advances on aid that parties received on the basis of representation and votes received in elections.

Therefore, it is not ruled out that Por will also resort to coverage provided by Andaluca TVE which includes Teresa Rodriguez, although for this we will have to wait until next Monday, when the charges expire.

Rodriguez condemned, “Anything that involves taking us out of the debate and information spaces is giving more possibilities to the right in Andalusia and taking us off the electoral fray.”

The Adelante candidate, in statements to journalists, has also been in favor of including Andalus Levantos in the debate, whose boycott has appealed to the election board.

“We neither exclude anyone nor do we want them to leave us,” commented Rodriguez, insisting that the current Adelante is the “heir” of the contestant in the 2018 elections, Andaluca.

In his opinion, Por Andaluca’s appeal to face it in the candidates’ debate may be due to a “lack of transparency” or to “cowardice, not having enough courage”.

However, he has said that in the debate he will go “against the right” and “against the extreme right”, although he lamented that there are two ways to end the unity of the left: “one respecting plurality and the other”. ends up with the others and is left alone.

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