Podemos’ error leaves IU with 100% of the electoral funds of the Andalusian Left Coalition


Without formal candidates on the lists, the Purple Party would get public subsidies only through the new confluence

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Members of the new Coalition Por Andaluca in their official presentation this Wednesday.Joacun CorcheroEuropa Press
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Mistakes made by Podemos in the negotiation and management of the Andalusian Left Front, without direct access to the subsidies offered by him, are leaving the party. Parliament For those who get representation in the Andalusian elections on 19 June. His formal boycott from the Sangam election boardRecording its accession after the deadline, Violet condemns the formation for relying on the Coalition on financial issues, and more specifically, on the United Left, which will conceivably be the party that forms the Regional Chamber of Six. will get the highest number of representatives. who form a new alliance Andaluca. ByGiven that Podemos candidates will have to appear in the list as independents.

At the moment, Izquierda Unida is expected to be the sole beneficiary of the subsidy (about 500,000 euros) that the parliament grants in advance and is calculated based on the duties received in the previous legislature.

In December 2018, when IU and Podemos presented themselves with the brand Forward Andalusian, got 17 representatives, of which 6 come from IU and the remaining 11 from Podemos. The reference to Podemos was then Teresa Rodriguez, who was also a candidate for the presidency of the board.

But the breakup of Teresa Rodriguez and Pablo Iglesias blew up internal relations in the parliamentary group, which ended, along with Rodriguez and 10 other deputies. exiled as a transfugus unassigned groupand deprived of the material means and budget funds that the Parliament provides to its members for carrying out their representative functions.

First, the group Adelante Andaluca was left without part of the parliamentary funding, after losing 11 of its 17 members. but an express improvement of parliament rules, approved in principle to reinforce the Chamber’s equipment against turncoats, allowed six IU deputies to recover 100% of the subsidy. By then, they were no longer Adelante Andaluca and had changed their name. United We Can Andalusia, To assimilate the group of IU and Podemos into Congress, Both sides distributed the budget proportionately, which allowed Podemos to appoint advisors, despite the fact that he no longer had a representative.

After the fiasco of the unsuccessful registration of the new confluence, Podemos por Andaluca does not appear in the official documents of the alliance, and therefore falls back into the hands of the IU, and even now, Ms. Pas, who can at least achieve the Chamber. A representative in, since its general coordinator, asha gomezLead Sangam’s candidacy for Seville.

Sources in the IU, consulted by the EL Mundo Trust, say that the election board will grant them 100% of the advance amount of funds with them as the only party (out of the six that has sealed the agreement on the left) that was the last. Was in the legislature and stood for election. This has been done on past occasions when an alliance has broken up and only one of its members is standing for the next election, he says.

These funds would be made available for candidacy for the campaign’s election expenses, but only IU and registered coalitions could legally appear as depositors, never Podemos. The same will happen with the subsidy they get when they are new. parliamentary group, We may rely on advisors or funds to honor contracts, but you will not have the legal right to settle them directly.

While the alliance is now trying to turn the page on insiders, the fact remains that the mistakes made have left many loose edges. Yesterday, representatives of six parties competing under the Por Andaluca brand took a photo to show unity. presidential candidate, spotless grandsonApologizes for all the confusion that has plagued the beginning of the Sangam, to which he must have joined Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Ms Pas, Verdes Equo and Andalusian People’s Innovation and the Green Alliance, Teresa Rodriguez’s new Adelante Andaluca has been dropped, which will participate separately and has announced that she will put her picture on her ballots in the face of confusion created by the proliferation of new electoral brands on the Andalusian left.

Inmaculada Nieto yesterday highlighted the distinctly Andalusian character of the Por Andaluca confluence, despite the fact that the national leadership of Podemos, IU and Ms. Pas has followed the entire conversation very closely, even at times Andalusian. Even on the limits of delegates.

In addition, the Andalusian Coalition is considered the front guard of the broad front, which Yolanda Diaz, the second vice-president of the government and leader of the United We Can, is trying to promote.

Diaz has also distanced himself from Por Andaluca, despite the fact that his intervention was decisive so that the settlement would not explode and proceed to the final midnight, when the deadline for registering candidates had passed. Andalusian electoral board,

National Deputy of the United We Can for CDs, Juan Antonio Delgadodefined the project as progressive, green and feminist, and guaranteed that from now on they would work tirelessly for Andaluca.

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