Podemos heated up talks to expand Shock plan and asked to reduce the price of transport vouchers to 10 euros

war impact response plan


‘Purple’, which anticipates a fresh clash with PSOE, also proposes to increase non-contributory pensions and cut supplies to vulnerable families.

Monteiro and Belara in a recent image.
Monteiro and Belara in a recent image.EFE
  • Policy The government does not rule out pursuing a plan of shock, as its allies in Congress demand.

30 June. This is the deadline for the coalition government to extend the deadline war impact response plan, An expansion that the executive is already working on, but which is not enough for United We Can. The minority member immediately proposes adding new measures, such as reducing public transport membership to 10 euros, a 15% increase in non-contributory pensions or a moratorium on supply cuts to vulnerable families.

These petitions have been transferred from the ministry social rights, directed by Ione Belarra, to the relevant departments who are already working on talks to extend the plan for the coming months. However, since the game purple a fear that in the campaign Andaluca and NATO summit madrid Finish the work and, as in previous negotiations, run to the last hours to reach an agreement that will reassure both partners.

Despite the desire of both sides to reach an agreement, minority members of the government coalition are already preparing to clash again with the PSOE and avoid concessions in the social sector. Measures on Public Transport, in the eyes of United We Can, is one of the most relevant novels transferred this Monday. presidency and other wallets. According to Social Rights reports, this price drop will be covered through the application of a contingency fund and a credit supplement to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. 560 millionWhich will finance an extraordinary fund to promote public transport.

However, United V may consider at this stage of the negotiations that the measure on pensions may be the one that generates the most friction between the partners. purple They propose to include a cumulative increase of 15% in the payroll for the month of July 2022. “This way, the lowest pensioners will be able to withstand the rise in prices without having to wait until the end of the year. To see their purchasing power decrease during these months”, explained Social Rights.

With regard to the prohibition of cutting off supplies to vulnerable households, United we can request the “immediate approval of the amendment of the social bonus with several objectives: to expand its scope so that it reaches two million households, through the automation of processes”. to speed up their access and exchange of information between administrations, and to regulate the application of the precautionary principle”.

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