Police alert regarding bottle season: Almeida brings more agents to the streets


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  • planning Police charges, four injured agents and 60 EvAU were treated in Complutense macroboteln due to termination
  • City Hall Alcohol, the drug that causes most addictions, according to municipal plan to help young people

Madrid city council is going to increase the presence of the city police on the street Avoid consumption of alcohol on public roads and incidents like the incidents in Complutense on last Friday morning. Notably, the macrobottleon called at the university for the end of EvAU ended with controversy and incidents when the city police attempted to evict 5,000 people who had gathered on campus.

Agents went to great lengths with police charges to disperse about 5,000 youths who threw Glass bottles, cobblestones and other items against the security forces.

As a result of the brawl, four municipal police officers were slightly injured and Samur assisted around 60 people from around the university town. Three people were hospitalized for falls, anxiety attacks and alcohol poisoning.

The consequences of macrobottlen and youth violence were visible yesterday around the Informatics Faculty of Complutense University, which was awash with broken cars and lots of garbage. Apart from the remains of broken bottles, glasses and plastic bags scattered around the campus, several damages have been done by the youth, including broken windows from vehicles and traffic signs on the ground. Throughout the morning, Madrid city council’s sweepers try to remove the remains of garbage and restore the many damages caused by the youth. Complutense University, for its part, indicated that 44 cubic meters of bottles and garbage were collected between the student building and Plaza de Ramón y Cajal on the esplanade of the Ciudad Universitaria Metro. i also commented La Complutense is a victim of these big bottles and collateral acts of vandalism, as is the entire city of Madrid, A situation that comes weeks after the Gay Pride pandemic returned, the parties that move the largest number of people through the capital’s streets.

Inmaculada Sanz, spokesman for the municipal government and representative of security and emergencies in the Madrid City Council, explained that The night developed quite normally until one o’clock in the morning When the area around Complutense University was attended by a lot of people from different parts of the city. From that moment, he continued, began to clear the area as hundreds of youths gathered and some of them threw objects at the police.

shortage of agents in madrid

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, condemned the incidents of Complutense and warned that one of the original objectives, which is being processed within the new cleaning ordinance, is to decontaminate the bottle. Those who practice bottling are certainly clear that The acceptance system is being tightened because it is a behavior that in the end the only thing to be achieved is to leave the streets or parks in a sorry state.He said, and also disturbs the neighbors a lot.

The Madrid councilor insisted that a very important police effort is being made and that all necessary efforts will continue to be made against the bottle, although it is true that the efforts will be greater if we can expand the city police staff. And the decision-maker here is the Spanish government, which we have to authorize to do it, he remarked before reassuring: We have the money and we can put more policemen on the streets if the Spanish government allows us, This is imperative so that Madrid can remain the second safest capital in Europe.

The mayor was referring with his words to the replacement rate set by the Ministry of Finance, which limits the number of extraordinary protests in the administration. Currently, the city police personnel are approximately 5,800 agents and after various protests, Almeida initially promised the legislature about 7,000. PSOE reminds Almeida that The shortage of agents is due to the policy of deduction introduced by PP Before the arrival of the mayor of Carmena.

Just like that, The Interior Ministry also announced yesterday that it would increase the number of troops in the community of Madrid. With 878 National Police Officers and 276 Civil Guards at the launch of Operation Summer 2022. Surveillance and preventive control will be increased on urban and intercity communication routes, stations, airports, hotels and camp sites as well as on any occasion. An event involving a large gathering of people.

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