Police believe there are several “involved” links to the alleged murderer of homosexuals outside the Basque Country.


The Minister of Security confirms that there are “branches” in the rest of Spain and abroad that Nelson David MB. are linked to

The apartment where Nelson David lives is searched and guarded by two Ertzantza agents
The apartment where Nelson David lives in Iran is guarded by two Ertzaintza agents after a search.EFE

work alone Nelson David MB In the alleged murder of a music teacher in Bilbao, two attempted murders and three other deaths considered “natural” when they occurred? He roamed like a lone wolf through Catalonia, Murcia and maybe Brussels for months without any coverage? the ertzantza and Bilbao’s Court of Instruction No. 6 maintains an ironclad silence, but between the lines, security adviser Josue Erkorka has conceded that “everything points to the fact that those involved have moved to other areas”. . Basque Police, in cooperation with other police forces, and in particular Mosos de EsquadraClues about those “similar trapped” who may have interfered with the “impact” of the crimes allegedly committed by Nelson David.

The alleged serial killer of homosexual citizens whom he robbed is lodged in Basouri jail since May 7. Nelson David enters a special cell with a trusted prisoner who has protected, through a methacrylate screen, his rapid adaptation to life behind bars. Calm and comfortable in prison, the 25-year-old arrived at an Iranian police station on the night of May 5 after seeing his photograph and his identity published as a perpetrator of serious crimes against gay men living in Bilbao. Nelson David is then assured that he is innocent, although about twenty days later, Ertzantza already recognizes the possible existence of “involved” in this criminal conspiracy.

Arcoreca’s explanations in the Basque parliament are drawn from the initiative of Luis Gordillo’s representative of the PP+C, who, after opening new avenues of investigation with similar incidents in Catalonia, coordinated the General Investigation Team (ECI) with state security forces. The need to activate is defended. , Last week Mossos de Esquadra confirmed the existence of two complaints to the police station Pineda and Grace in Barcelona Similar to the facts relating to the prisoner. In addition, one of the complainants came to identify Nelson David as the alleged attacker.

Erkoreka has confirmed that Ertzaintza works “bilaterally” with another police force, without specifying whether they are Mossos de Esquadra, while maintaining open data communications with the rest of the Spanish police. “We may have made errors, but we have discovered a case here that may have implications in other areas,” confirmed Ercorka, who refrained from giving details in a judicial investigation that continues under summary secrecy. .

The incidents for which Nelson David has been imprisoned dates back to the autumn and winter of 2021, when he allegedly attacked three people in Bilbao with the aim of robbing them. The suspect dated his victims through a gay hookup app and drugged them with liquid ecstasy. Ertzaintza is investigating his involvement in the four deaths and two failed attempts, but Erkoreka has opened up his involvement in similar crimes in other parts of Spain to other possible “involvement”. Basque police believe investigation will take place “long and complicated”, A police act that began in November 2021, a month after the investigative judge ordered a search and capture of the suspect, was reversed on 5 May when alleged perpetrators of the crimes appeared at an Ertzantza police station on the border with Iran. The city where he delivered roast chickens on an electric skid.

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