Police charges, four injured agents and 60 EvAU were treated in Complutense macroboteln due to termination


When the youths tried to remove them, they pelted stones and bottles at the police. The environment of the Informatics faculty of the complaint is filled with ruined cars and many remains of garbage

Police charge, four officers injured and 60 treated in Macrobotel
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The city police on Friday morning filed several police charges against dozens of youths who were drinking around the Informatics Faculty of Complutense University to celebrate the completion of EvAU exams. The authorities made great efforts to disperse the youth, about 5,000 of them, who Glass bottles and other items were thrown at the officers.

Four policemen of the Municipal Corporation got minor injuries during the clash. Samoor treated around 60 people in the vicinity of the university town and shifted three people to the hospital Falls, Injuries and Anxiety Attacks, Along with this, four agents of the city police were treated.

The atmosphere at Complutense University’s Faculty of Informatics is awash with the remains of wrecked cars and garbage as a result of the Macro-bottle and incidents that happened this Friday. The remains of broken bottles, glass and plastic bags scattered around the campus include several damages caused by youth, includingBroken windows from vehicles and traffic signals on the ground. This morning, the cleaning staff of the Madrid City Council was struggling to remove the remains of the garbage and restore the many damages done by the students.

Inmaculada Sanz, a spokesman for the municipal government and representative of security and emergencies in the Madrid City Council, said the night was “enough”. The situation remained normal till 1 am” when a large number of people came from different parts of the city. For the Environment of Complutense University.

From that moment, he explained, the area began to empty as “hundreds of youths” came together and some of them “thrown objects at the police,” injuring four agents, albeit slightly.

“Something late at night People behaved violently and to stop the situation it became necessary to make some police charges, What happened in other years, in terms of dimension, is nothing to do but incidents and we condemn all those violent behaviour”, the representative has said. Although she understands that young people go through a process after ” So complex and nervous they feel like celebrating”, behavior “violent is not acceptable”.

that’s why The general device will be strengthened at the end of this week, As was the case yesterday with drones, canine units and municipal police squad units.

To avoid controversy, the Madrid Municipal Police launched a device composed of a hundred agents as well as drones and a dog section to oversee the celebration of the Big Bottles on the main university campuses (Autonomous, Grievous and Polytechnic). of EVAU. The equipment was composed of components from Moncloa’s Integral District Unit (UID), but also with the participation of Central Security Units (UCS), Canine Section, Squadron Cavalry and Drone Section.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, this Friday mourned the messy conditions in which the university city has arisen, although he warned that The new cleaning ordinance is “hardening and persecuting large bottles.”

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