Police detain a Swedish ‘influencer’ for allegedly stabbing another man for debt


The detainee, considered “dangerous” by investigators, was charged with murdering his girlfriend, whose body appeared lifeless in a bathtub under strange circumstances.

combo of two photographers
Combo of two pictures of a 36-year-old man being stabbed.EFE

Agents of the National Police have arrested a popular 27-year-old Swedish ‘influencer’ in the Málaga city of Mijas, who may have allegedly tried to end the life of a 36-year-old, who stabbed a knife in the throat -two centimeters from the aortic artery- and the other in the arm.

The event, which could have ended in tragedy, happened last day 16 may In the parking lot of a hotel in this tourist town on the Costa del Sol where two people met to settle an alleged debt. The situation became more complicated than complicated – knives involved – and the victim – who was fortunately able to save her life – was treated on the spot by emergency services, who managed to stabilize her, despite the fact that she had suffered a lot. blood was lost. He was later shifted to a hospital in neighboring Marbella where he had to undergo emergency surgery, detailed sources close to the police.

suspect found Awaiting trial for attempt to murder in prison, is a famous ‘influencer’ in Sweden, where years ago he was tried for the murder of his girlfriend. The young woman’s lifeless body was located in the bathroom of a building under strange circumstances and jailed for two years as the prime suspect in the death that is now being investigated for her alleged involvement in the assassination attempt in Estepona . His accomplice but later, and since the facts could not be proved, the Swedish authorities had to release him.

According to an investigation by UDEV agents from the Estepona police station, this “dangerous man” – as investigators describe him – got out of his car with a knife in his hand and headed towards the victim, who Realizing his intentions, I tried to run awayThere are extensive sources. In this context, the suspect first hit the victim’s neck and then the second, which he could stop with his forearm, but left him with a wound of 20 cm. After attacking the accused assailant fled away.

Arrest history

An action on the ground by agents of the National Police came to fruition and allowed the recovery of the knife used by the person under investigation, who tried to get rid of it, very close to the scene of the events. throw it in a bushHe has confirmed.

Identifying and locating the alleged perpetrator of a stabbing is no easy task and requires “difficult investigative steps”, he explained to the National Police Environment, as the suspect has “important to avoid detection”. security measures have been taken and no known address,

Finally, on 24 May, police officers managed to locate and arrest him at a hotel in the Málaga city of Mijas, which they confirmed is not his first arrest in Spain. Actually, the same person was arrested last year. stabbing another with a broken bottle hull At a party in Marbella.

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