Police find fugitive mother Vero in Switzerland and frees her two children: “She hides like a terrorist”

shelf the Spanish . is located in SwissAs EL MUNDO found out, to Salda Varnishmother of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) That he had been in search and capture a year earlier, he disappeared with his children, seven-year-old twins, and agents of his search were commissioned by the Court of Instruction No. 3 of the City of Madrid.

While he stated on social networks and on various television programs that his children were fully in school, according to police sources, Salda had taken the minors from Madrid. tarragonawhere any part of his family lives, and then first France And later Swisswhere he managed to follow in their footsteps and trace their whereabouts The attached unit of the Judicial Police in the Courts of Plaza de Castilla.

Contrary to what he said on his television programs and on the Internet, minors they weren’t even in school He had no contact with other children, nor did he know French, so it is inferred that stay off Accompanied by the mother and her maternal grandparents, according to what the agents have found her. When Swiss police went to the house told by their Spanish colleagues, the minor was accompanied by his grandparents, who had eloped with their mother. It didn’t exist.

The five are eventually located around the city of baudryin the canton of neuchâtel, just 14 kilometers from the border with France, in French-speaking Switzerland. Agents arrived at the scene last Thursday and took the minors, who have gone to live at a reception center in the Swiss state.

Salda gave hints of life two days later while hearing the facts at the Bern Court, which receiving information about the international kidnapping process that has been condemned by the father, And also about the state of family litigation between the two wives, who were disputing custody of the children, when Salda unilaterally disappeared with them, ignoring court orders.

father, Jose Manuel Ortiz, He traveled to the Swiss city on Sunday to look after the minors under an international search warrant issued by a Pozuelo court, but a civil court in Bern will now have to decide who will care for the minors. The father fears that the woman will repeat his strategy adopted in Spain: “Since the courts did not agree with her, she is taking the children and condemning them repeatedly. First in Madrid, then in Tarragona, later in Cuenca and now in Switzerland”.

Jose Manuel Ortiz, with a photo of his children at his home, in a boat on the lake El Retiro (Madrid).Alberto Di Lolli

Salda intends to once again condemn the abuse of minors recorded in Spain in the Swiss country, “and thus continue to block my access,” Ortiz condemned.

Salda’s main arguments are that José Manuel Ortiz is a danger to minors, that he abuses them, and that the Spanish state neglects the safety of its children as well as that of other women. The flight came to accuse a Pozuelo judge who did not agree with him in one of his complaints of participating in orgy with minors in the “castle”.

Pozuelo’s social services had already indicated at the time that the minors were in a state of “helplessness”, which forced the magistrates of Pozuelo 3 to seek and apprehend the woman.

Police sources have explained to EL Mundo that Salda’s concealment tactics, which fed her social networks while she was a fugitive, were “so typical of organized crime or terrorism” that both the judge and the agents investigating the international kidnappings had to deal with them. work with what was there “extreme secrecy”In order to achieve success of the operation, the summary was covered by secrecy.

In this line, agents believe that Salda has been instructed to flee to a country that, although part of Schengen, is not part of the European Union, to try and reopen procedures there. Continuing to make access difficult for minors with what they consider to be outright procedural fraud.

Fugue became famous when the newspaper published last February that she appeared on television programs while being sought and had been missing for seven months. four You telemadrid father accused Jose Manuel OrtizoMinor and abuse of minors, and claiming to have been the victim of sexual violence.

This paper later published how the woman had filed several complaints against Ortiz for alleged child abuse, none of them progressed, and even before long, having a child herself. Nate had come to condemn the sexual abuse of her by her own father, which was rejected. The same school she attended informed the father—who now, ironically, supported his daughter’s flight because the abuses were never proven.

In addition, to complete the judicial panorama, Salda is condemned for fraud by several of her friends. One of those lawsuits has been proved right in a Madrid court this Friday. In his absence, of course.

According to a friend who accompanied her at the start of her flight from agents who demanded that she bring the children before the judge, Salda was advised by telephone at the time. Mara Seville, President of the Free Childhood Association and sentenced to two and a half years in prison for similar acts. Seville has publicly acknowledged knowing Salda.

This friend, who had welcomed Vernika and her children to her home before she fled and was wanted, declared to the police that the minors were neglected by his mother when he occupied his house, and later when he left the hall of the house traces of tranquilizers That, he declared to the agents, he fears that Salda was giving the children to bear his captivity. According to agents, the isolation situation was being repeated in Switzerland.

Agents who have interfered in Salda’s location for several months, who are the same ones who arrested the women of Infancia Libre, who separated their children from their parents using procedural arguments and complaints without evidence , once again shocked by the tactics used: “It’s unbelievable, she runs like a terrorist and it’s amazing how they learn to hide better using published information and judicial summaries.”

Salda positioned itself next to the border between France and Switzerland, predictably jumping from country to country to carry out its communications without a doubt. Now the Swiss justice, called to act by the Spanish, has the floor.

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