Police have arrested three people for gang sexual assault on a woman in La Malagueta


An eyewitness warned that a drunk woman was being sexually assaulted

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Agents of the National Police of Malaga have arrested three people for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman who he was drunkPolice sources in the Malagueta area of ​​the capital of Malaga have confirmed this to Europa Press.

The incidents took place from Sunday to Monday, when a call came from room 091 of the Malaga National Police a witness who told that there was a very drunk woman sexually assaulted In the area of ​​La Malagueta.

To Prisoner, 19, 30 and 31 yearsAccording to police sources, he is accused of sexual harassment and violence and intimidation.

Officers went to the spot and They startled the three people next to the victimWhich has been released by the National Police. In addition, the woman realized that there was also His bag was stolen.

The police arrested three people for their alleged involvement in the offenses of robbery along with violence and sexual assault, activating the protocol established for these cases.

How the incident happened is being investigated. According to what has been put forward by the Sur newspaper this Tuesday, apparently the woman was Having a couple beers with a couple at a bar in La Malagueta but when she left she was left alone.

Just then a man came up to him and they started talking in a friendly manner and when he expressed his intention to return home, he offered to accompany him for a walk on the beach.

The woman agreed, but at one point he asked her to kiss him and he pounced on her, then the other two came out on investigation.

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