Police investigate subway guards for keeping and attacking alleged graffiti artists outside facilities


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The private security unit of Madrid Police Headquarters is investigating the actions of security guards of the Segurissa company, which is sub-contracted by Metro de Madrid, To retain alleged graffiti artists and homeless people outside facilities and, on occasion, attack them.

This private company contracted by Metro is in charge of preventing graffiti artists from entering Metro depots at night and as such, stop them from painting the wagons,

However, some watchmen are exceeding their duties. holding all the suspects Those they meet on the way, even when out of facilities, confiscated their belongings and sometimes, according to the Ser series, resort to force.

In fact, some activists have lodged a complaint in the police station for sounding the alarm on the action of one. service inspector who exceeds his limit,

“The slanderer begins to observe how one of the service inspectors named JAR begins to overdo his work, he demands documentation from the people he keeps and takes photographs of the said documents. There has been, the interference of the spray cans made by the young people, the suspect before the arrival of the interrogation police team, Apart from attacking youth which it also addresses outside the perimeter areas of the Madrid Metro depot, such as the park and other surrounding areas”, related to the complaint to which el Mundo had access.

“Plus, you can visit areas where graffiti artists frequently visit, their homes, make way for them out of his field of action”, the lesson continues.

This operation is done every night under the orders of two inspectors who are They fix the routes that these patrols make to see the wagons,

In a video aired on Youtube, it can be seen how in the month of January this year, Watchmen chase suspected addict Which was located near the periphery of the Fuencaral metro depot. When the service inspector reaches the spot where the suspect is being apprehended, he kicks and punches him several times while waiting for the police to arrive.

In another video, one of the security guards detained two youths, who were walking in a public park near Sackedal Reservoir. So, one of the inspectors asks the boy to show him his tattoo and, when he sees a drawing on his skin is a train, he blurts out: “Are you hesitating? I’ll give you a slap that will drive you crazy”,

Many workers have presented many Complaints about these actions to the company Segurisa The letter in the case, for the time being, without the company. Beyond that, the only thing the company has done is organize a collection of signatures to discredit the version of these employees.

In the complaint lodged with the National Police, the security guards have condemned that Metro company is aware of these facts without taking any action in this regard.

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