Police refuse to condemn gang rape by a Grenada girl


The events take place this Wednesday, when a 22-year-old girl discovers the aggression she condemned while she was leaving a nightclub.

A national police car.andaluca junta
  • Andaluca They investigate a possible gang rape of a young woman in Granada

national police A 22-year-old girl who reported sexual assault in Granada this Wednesday. denied being a victim of gang rape,

As reported by this armed body that has taken over the investigation, the steps taken by Family and Women’s Care Unit ,I have faith) linked to Polika judicial has denied that the complainant was a victim of gang rape.

The incidents took place today on Wednesday, when a 22-year-old girl reported the attack, which, according to her complaint, took place when she was leaving a nightclub.

Preliminary information attributed the rape to four men who may have assaulted the girl in a vehicle early in the morning, in which they allegedly offered to shift her to a secluded area, where they perpetrated the crime. Would have done sexual assault,

national police He has said that he continues to investigate to clarify whether there is any sort of criminal act, and in that case, authorship.

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