Police search the apartment of the mayor of Podemos, who was killed in September in an investigation into a homosexual murderer


The death of Koldo Martínez, a councilor and member of the LGTBI collective in Berango, was attributed to natural causes and shock to his neighbors.

Two ertzainas take Nelson David to the registry of the address where he lives.
Two ertzainas take Nelson David to the registry of the address where he lives in Iran.John SmithEFE
  • music teacher First victim of gay murderer in Bilbao
  • Bilbao 25-year-old Colombian man, alleged perpetrator of homosexual murders, surrenders to Ertzantza

Basque Police Investigates possible links to Podemos councilor’s death in Berango (Bizkaya) koldo martínez With the murders allegedly committed by young Colombian Nelson David MB on September 13, 2021. Ertzantza’s agents searched the house in which this famous public official lives in a city of just 8,000 residents and in which he was also part of groups defending rights in the concierge, among other actions. LGTBI Collective, Suspected of perpetrating four murders and two more hopeless attempts is under preventive detention at Biscayne Prison Basori.

Vice President josu erkoreka The complexity of the police investigation, which began in December 2021, was already announced last Friday, when a Bilbao resident told the police station that she was attacked by a young man who tried to strangle her and After clashing with her, he had fled. Leaving yourself behind a bag with your identity. Basque police have saved the police investigation under the order of the Investigative Judge No. 6 in Bilbao, but today the agents have been transferred colorless – A town. Located just 15 kilometers to the north of Bilbao– To collect evidence in the investigation of these alleged murders.

Koldo Martínez González was a member of United Left and in the May 2019 elections he ran as the head of the coalition list Together we can. All members of the Municipal Corporation of this Town Hall governed by PNV He made a public note public, showing his “solidarity and condolences” with Podemos’ family and colleagues upon hearing of his death.

Ertzaintza’s investigation believes that Nelson David is the prime suspect in his involvement in the deaths of at least four gay men he was dating through a dating application. After holding meetings with them at his home, he used the so-called liquid ecstasy to immobilize his victims with the aim of confiscation of funds held in their bank accounts. His last victim was Josu Ma, a piano teacher who lived in Bilbao’s Old City, Who died in October 2021. After his death, his relatives found that 8,000 euros had been withdrawn from his current accounts.

vice counselor erkoreka, While very careful in his statements because investigation summaries are subject to confidentiality, he does not rule out that there may be other kinds of motivations associated with hate crimes.

Both the deaths and the two felony murders were investigated. police was produced in bizkaya But investigators are trying to trace the activities of the suspect at both the places. Blagica As during the year 2019 marcia, The city he went to last winter. The judge probing the case issued a search and arrest warrant in December 2021 for the suspect who had left Bilbao to live with his girlfriend at the family home in Iran. Nelson David She changed herself to Ertzantza last Thursday, May 5, after seeing her name and a picture of her in the media.

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