Pool, swamp, beach… Seven nearby places to be in the water this weekend


Playa de la Virgen de la Nueva in Pantano de San Juan.
Playa de la Virgen de la Nueva in Pantano de San Juan.

The first heat wave of the season invites you to flee the city in search of places to cool off, beyond the swimming pool. The sea isn’t an option (if you want to plan a day out), but the people of Madrid have other options in beautiful natural settings. There are many places in the community where bathing is allowed: pools, dams, marshes, streams and of course, the so-called Madrid Beach, In addition to free access, there are great tips to withstand high temperatures. Outside of Madrid, there are also places to take a dip and they are no more than an hour and a half from the capital. Next, we propose something.

Loops (Rascafra)

In Las Presillas, Rascafre
In Las Presillas, Rascafra.

In the El Paular valley, separate dams on the Lozoya River as it passes through the Madrid city of Rascafra, an hour and a half from the capital, divide a bathing area into three natural pools. Beautiful recreational area, surrounded by large green meadows and trees and with unbeatable views of Pico Pilara, has tables, toilets, kiosks … Access to the site is free (10 a.m. to 9 p.m. until mid-September) up to), although you have to pay for parking (9 euros).

San Juan Reservoir (San Martín de Valdeiglesias)

The Marina of the Pantano de San Juan.
The Marina of the Pantano de San Juan.

It is the closest thing to a beach in Madrid, with 14 km of sand banks on the waters of this reservoir coming from the Alberche River, a tributary of the Tagus, which was created in 1955 at San Martín de Valdeiglas. beach virgin of new Most popular and just received blue flag Provided by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC). It is located at a distance of about 40 km from the capital, its access is easy and free and it has all the necessary services, beach bar, toilets … Swamp is one of the beaches WallWhere many aquatic activities can also be done.

Los Villares Beach (Estremera)

Los Villares Beach, Estremera.
Los Villares Beach, Estremera.

An hour away from Madrid is Estremera, the easternmost city in the Madrid community. On the outskirts, the Tagus forms a pool that serves as a natural pool suitable for bathing. Known as Los Villares Beach, it is surrounded by forest and has a recreational area with kiosks, picnic areas, and swings for children. Free and free access.

Alberte Beach (Aldia del Fresno)

Alberte Beach.
Alberte Beach.

Aldia del Fresno, about 60 km west of the capital, has this sandy beach on the banks of the Albertache River surrounded by forests with picnic areas, playgrounds, beach bars, fountains… Its calm and shallow water makes this beach Makes for an attractive beach. Perfect place to go with little kids. Admission is free and there are parking lots nearby.

Navafra Jet (Segovia)

nawafar jet
Navafra Jet (Segovia).

In the Sierra de Guadarrama, 34 km from Segovia and an hour and a half from Madrid, this paradise is located in the largest expanse of Scots pine forest in Europe. Navafra is four kilometers from the city El Choro Recreation Area, which has a beautiful natural pool, picnic tables, barbecue, a beach bar, and a green esplanade for sunbathing. After about 15 minutes of walking you will reach El Choro, a spectacular waterfall over 20 meters high. Entrance to the recreation area is free, but stinging is paid.

Donkey’s Mouth (Segovia)

Donkey's mouth (Segovia).
Donkey’s mouth (Segovia).

Also in the center of the Valson Valley in the Sierra de Guadarrama is the recreation area of donkey mouth, In a place surrounded by pine forests around the icy waters of the Eresma River coming down from the peaks, with several pools suitable for bathing among the rocks. It has picnic areas, a beach bar and you can take the dogs. Admission is open and free and there is also a car park.

Bunda Swamp (Cuenca)

Beyond Swamp
Buenda Swamp (Guadalajara).

This swamp is on the bed of the Guadilla River, a tributary of the Tagus River, a little more than an hour and a half east of Madrid, between Guadalajara and Cuenca. Bathing is permitted in areas of Wait You romrels, Very quiet place where you have to be prepared in case it gets very hot, as there is little shade near the water and there is no service. Free Admission.

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