Pope condemns Russia’s “brutality” in war that “could have been provoked”


Pope Francis denies Ukraine war has “reduced” the difference between “good guys and bad guys”

Pope Francisco
Pope Francis joined the general audience at the Vatican this Wednesday.Vincenzo PintoAFP
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Pope Francis condemned this Tuesday that a “Super strength” seeks to impose his will against the principle of self-determination of the people, without specifically mentioning Russia But referring to the war in Ukraine.

in your message VI World Day of the Poorwhich is observed on November 13, but which has been advanced by the Press Office on this Tuesday Vatican, the pontiff criticizes the fact that millions of women, children and the elderly are forced to seek “protection as refugees in neighboring countries”. “Those who live in conflict zones live every day with fear and a lack of food, water, medical care and above all, love,” he laments.

In his opinion, in these situations, “the cause is unclear and those who suffer the consequences are many ordinary people, adding to the already large numbers of the poor.”

A war not “instigated or stopped”

Also, in an interview given to European Jesuit magazines last month and published on Tuesday by the Italian magazine Catholic Civilizationthe pontiff has refused “Reduce” the Ukraine conflict to “the difference between good guys and bad guys”But one has condemned the “brutality” of Russian troops against the “brave” Ukrainian people, while saying the war “could have been instigated”, reports AFP.

“What we see is the brutality and brutality with which this war is being waged by soldiers, usually mercenaries, used by the Russians. Russians prefer to send Chechens, Syrians, mercenariesRegrets Francis, who has repeatedly called for peace since the Russian invasion Ukraine on 24 February.

“But the danger is that we see only that which is demonic, without seeing all the drama that is being played behind this war, which may in some way be, not provoked or stopped“We have done the specifics before condemning the arms industry.

“This time, Some will say to me: ‘But you are a Putin supporter’. no i am not, It would be simple and wrong to say such a thing”, said the Catholic spiritual leader, who considers it necessary to “reason about the roots and interests” of the conflict, “which are very complex”.

“It is also true that the Russians thought it would all be over in a week. he made a calculation error, May they find a brave people, a man who fights for survival and has a history of struggle,” said the 85-year-old Pope from Argentina.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper on 3 May Corriere della SeraFrancisco said that the “anger” of the Kremlin could have been provoked by “NATO is barking at the door of Russia”,

Christian “connected to money”

On the other hand, the Pope is sorry that there are some Christian “connected to money” Those who end up being “stuck” in poor management of money and assets and “tied with short-term and unsuccessful life visions”.

In statements collected by Europa Press, Francis condemned, “Some Christians, because of their excessive attachment to money, fall into the abuse of goods and inheritance. These are conditions that reveal weak faith and weak and short-sighted hope.” ,

The Pontiff makes it clear that “The problem is not the money”, which is part of “everyday life”, which is why he urged us to reflect on the value it has been given. “It cannot become an absolute”, says the Pope, adding that there is nothing “more harmful” in a Christian community than being “dazzled by the idol of wealth”.

Francisco cautions that while there is “the only law to calculate profit” at the end of the day, there is “no brakes” for people to move on to the “logic of exploitation”.

“There are no more fair wages, fair working hours, and made new forms of slaveryare victimized by those who have no other option and must accept this toxic injustice to get the minimum for their sustenance”, he condemned.

“It’s Not Activism That Saves”

In the same way, he asks that Christians do not have “as is often the case”. “welfare” behavior towards the poor And, instead, “claims to try so that no one has what is needed.” “It is not activism that saves, but sincere and generous attention that allows one to approach a poor man like a brother who extends his hand so that I may wake up from the sluggishness into which I have fallen”, he assures. gives.

also call Don’t “rhetoric” with the poor, but getting down to work is “directly involved, without delegating to anyone”. The pontiff also warns against “a form of relaxation”, which can lead to “disproportionate behaviour, such as indifference to the poor”.

On the other hand, reflect “poverty that liberates”, which he defined as a “responsible choice” to lighten the ballast and focus on the essentials. For Pope, “the feeling of dissatisfaction that many experience” is because they go in search of it “like wanderers without a goal”.

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