Por Recycling, in liquidation phase, refuses to pay 28.7 million spent by the government in Jaldibar


Urkulu’s executive now initiates the enforcement process against the owner of the landfill and assures that it will take action against the company’s managers to recover public money.

Vice President Ercorka and Councilor Tapia walk the Jaldibar landfill during a visit to investigate stabilization works
Deputy Lehendkari Erkorka and Minister Tapia walk at the Jaldibar landfill during a visit to investigate stabilization work.Paulino OribeArab Press

company var recyclingIn the liquidation process since October 2021, the Basque government has not paid €28.7 million Jaldibar spent in the landfill and forced the Treasury Department to open an emergency route to attempt to recover public money. Economic Development Minister Arantsa Tapia now confirms the owners of the damaged landfill have refused to pay their debts, despite the fact that in November 2021 she assured that “do not consider that the company is absolved of its responsibility”. “.

Vartar Recycling has avoided returning the 28.7 million that the Basque government claims for expenses incurred from February 6, 2020 to October 2021, when it was believed that the old industrial waste dump was stable. Who died in the landfill collapse on the afternoon of 6th February? Alberto Sololuz and Joacun Beltrani and heavy environmental damage and damage to public infrastructure such as the motorway that connects Bilbao to San Sebastian.

The Basque Government determined that on the same afternoon of February 6, 2020, the invoice for the expenses attributable to the actions taken as an “immediate measure” is 28.7 million euros and in January 2021 it began the process of implementing Law 26/ . of environmental responsibility in this 2007 landslide, which has opened a double judicial investigation for the owners’ responsibilities in the deaths of Sololuz and Beltrán and for the damage done.

Werter Recycling’s owner Jose Ignacio Barinaga, his niece and administrator Arrett Bilbao and engineer Juan Etxberia (technical manager of the landfill) were charged in both processes, but in September 2021 they reached an agreement with the prosecutor’s office and relatives of . Two dead workers for whom he pleaded guilty to the offense of reckless murder after agreeing to jail for six months and compensation to the relatives of Sololuz and Beltrán.

The environmental case is still open and may determine the development of the administrative process that the Treasury Department has initiated as part of an effort to recover the 28.7 million owed. The provincial council of Bizkiah is also claiming Vartar Recycling to pay 3.3 million euros for damages caused by the collapse of the landfill on the motorway and the work done to reopen it.

Tapia says, “It is not possible to predict the periods in which the costs assumed by the Basque government will proceed to recover after landfill landslides, as they depend on the outcome of various actions initiated for such purposes.” does.” A parliamentary response to the initiative taken by the spokesman for Elkarrekin Podemos Miren Gorrotxategi.

Tapia refrained from making a decision on the legality of the wetter recycling, completing the liquidation process unanimously approved by the General Assembly in October 2021 while keeping the judicial investigation for the environmental crime open and the Basque government seeking 28.7 million euros through executive channels. does. Euro. The Minister of Economic Development replied, “It is not up to the Basque government whether the liquidation of the company that is in the legal process is legal or not.”

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