PP and Ciudadanos willing to appeal Catalan decree against TC 25% if Sanchez condemns it


Following government movements to bypass judicial sentencing, 155 applications are sought directly from the ranks of Vox

pere aragon
Pere Aragon and the Minister of Education, Josep González Cambre, during a meeting of the government on Monday.EFE

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijo, supports the presentation of an “unconstitutional appeal” to block the Generalitat’s decree against the use of 25% of Spanish in Catalan classrooms. Speaking upon arrival at the Congress of the European People’s Party, the former president of Xunta de Galicia has defended the co-official status of Castilians and the respect for court decisions. “If essentially we are called upon because of the need to appeal to the Constitutional Court, we have already transferred this to citizens who can count on us to appeal the unconstitutionality,” he declared. “Unfortunately, faced with a government that prioritizes a coalition with the Escara republicans over compliance with the laws in Catalonia, facing a government that curtails the rights and freedoms of Catalans to stay in government likes, we have to respond” he said in the Dutch city. , “The cordial bilingualism, which is the hallmark of our identity, is a bilingualism that we are going to implement in Catalonia.”

“It is very sad that in the XXI century there is a government of an autonomous community that is in clear irregularity, in apparent illegality, and this government is supported by the Socialist Party of Catalonia and the Socialist Party in Spain is supporting Spain. It is only within the parties of that government to govern. This is a political absurdity”.

Ciudadanos, for his part, has also urged the government to immediately appeal the linguistic decree of the Generalitat before the Constitutional Court in order to obtain an immediate suspension. However, the Oranges have serious doubts that Pedro Sánchez is going to take this step. He suspects that because of “political opportunism” and not to provoke a new conflict with his pro-independence allies, he prefers to waive the sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia.

That is why the Liberal Party proposes the PP to present a joint appeal before the TC requesting the suspension of the decree, which in this case would not be automatic, with the argument that during the time in which It is enforced and, as long as the court decides, the rule of the Generalitat generates impossible repair damages in citizens.

Ciudadanos believes that with the decree, the Generalitat “confiscates without compensation” the rights of families who want, with the law, that their children receive at least 25% of classes in Spanish.

The Orange Formation understands that recourse to the Constitutional Court is a step that the government must take. The central executive, with the support of an absolute parliamentary majority, can interfere with Catalonia’s educational potential.

From the ranks of Vox, the application of 155 is directly followed by government movements seeking to circumvent judicial punishment, which requires 25% of teaching in Spanish to be taught.

The Vox parliamentary group has already filed a motion not a law in this sense. Vox confirms that this is “the fifteenth challenge to the rule of law of the Catalan government, by decree that the directors of educational centers carry out the mandate of justice.”

From his Twitter account, this party’s leader Santiago Abascal condemned: “The humbling of some and the lowliness of others has brought us here. In Catalonia it is necessary to implement 155 until the persecution of the Spanish in their classes and as long as their leader Do not stop in your constant rebellion. Anyone who is unwilling to enforce it, turns aside”.

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