PP called for the resignation of Monica Oltra and accused Puig of “collaborative silence” after the prosecutor’s office pointed against her.


If the TSJ decides to call him in for an investigation, the proceedings could take longer and lead to the election of the comprom’s leader.

Valencian Vice President, M
Valencian Vice President, Monica Oltra, in a speech in parliament.EFE
  • Courts Prosecutor gives TSJ free rein to investigate Oltra for “relevant evidence” in abuse of her ex-husband

Scenario of Possible Allegation by Monica Oltra Superior Court of Justiceto (TSJ) Valencian is drawing closer. What was a mere vision a week ago is starting to take shape. The move by the prosecutor’s office this Friday is significant, as it is the first time it has spoken and done so by targeting a Valencian vice president. Therefore, political pressure continues to mount on Oltra, with the PP not giving an inch and expanding the responsibility on the president of the Generalitat, Zimo Puig.

“The environment is unstable”, censored by the president of the Valencian PP, Carlos Maznofor whom the leaders of compromise “Can’t go on another minute” as number two of the Valencian Government. leader popular She ruled in these terms after the Public Ministry informed the TSJ that she sees “relevant evidence” against Oltra for her alleged involvement in a case of abuse of her ex-husband against a minor under the guardianship of the Generalitat. Is for.

In other words, the prosecutor’s office has been on its side Civil and Criminal Chamber of TSJ may give directions and, where appropriate, prosecute the Vice-President of the Consul. Therefore, the High Court is believed to be competent to invoke the highest authority of a ministry which, according to the investigating judge, opened a “paralegal” investigation that ended with a file that centered on minors as victims of abuse. defamed.

Indeed, the core of the current judicial process lies in the woman’s complaint against the ministry after the conviction of Oltra’s ex-husband. The reason alleges Consularia and 13 officers and technicians of the minors center in which the victim suffered abuse.

The investigating judge took the case to the TSJ after Oltra was appraised because of her position as a deputy. In his argument, he explained that there were “reasonable, serious and well-established indications of involvement” by the vice president in the events under investigation. “At no time was there a definite desire to clarify the criminally relevant facts repeatedly exposed by the girl and attributed to the husband of Monica Oltra,” he said. Vincent Rosso in his argument.

If the TSJ eventually decides to impeach Oltra, the Valencian political board will be strongly shaken. In her public statements, the Vice President has made it clear that the resignation is not part of her plans, as she cites the reason for “hunting for too much authority”. However, it was not long for Mazan to remember that Oltra himself had called for the departure of former President Francisco Camp when he was charged with the suit.

The leader of the Valencian PP insisted, “What is relevant about Oltra is not what the court says, but what it says.” “Puig is hiding more and more,” he said, accusing the head of Consel of “collaborative silence.” Not in vain, the only one in the Valencian government who has dared to suggest that Oltra resign is Justice Minister Gabriela Bravo, who has long been with the vice president.

Although agreement, public support is total, in the formation of the vice president, there is a debate about the need to privately address the thorny issue of his succession, with regional elections a year away from taking place. And this is because the consequences of participating in an electoral appointment with an accused candidate are unpredictable to the expectations of a settlement.

And this is not a horizon to dismiss. Based on the procedures agreed to be carried out in the event of Oltra’s investigation, legal sources have been consulted that the leader could be put in the 2023 election.

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