PP condemns the PSOE mayor of Bayrakl for appropriating two “municipal cows”


Months after the animals were harmed and captured without their owner appearing, they were going to be auctioned publicly.

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The PP has condemned the appropriation of two “municipal cows” in front of the Civil Guard of the Mayor of Bayercal (Almera), Jacinto Navarro (PSOE) in Barja (Almera), which were to be captured after being harmed and without any harm. months after it was being publicly auctioned. Its owner has to appear.

In a statement, Matilde Daz, the coordinator of the Almera PP in the Alpujarra region, recalled that These cattle can be found grazing “uncontrolled”. just a few months ago by biercal, which caused damage to many farms and Consistory decides to capture them and keep them in a field Waiting for the owner to claim them.

However, the man responsible for the cattle never showed signs of life, so after legal time had elapsed without listening to the owner of the cattle, the city council put them up for public auction on 30 April, but just two days earlier, April 28. of April, Two calves that were auctioned went missing.

A loss which led the popular councilors of Bayerkle to launch a search, “after several inquiries”, allowing them Alcolea. Find animals in some of the corals in Junta de Andaluca (Almera), 23 km from his city, determining that its alleged author The transfer “without authorization” for said facilities was the alderman.

PP shared some videos in which the mayor admitted that he had “separated” these two animals with the intention of opening a private livestock farm in his name.

Therefore, Dazs condemns that “Jacinto Navarro improperly appropriated the two municipal cows for his own benefit and with consequential prejudice to the residents of the municipality.”

Germán Moreno, PP spokesman at Baylor, condoles “The Mayor’s Calm Behavior” and has explained that the mayor introduced him to the auction table on 30 April, knowing that he had taken two calves that were going to auction, and later submitted his resignation to the new auction table to be auctioned. Celebrate May 20.

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