PP demands that Sanchez limit the powers that national security law gives him to support the ideal


The ‘populars’ are going to introduce amendments to “improve” some aspects and in PSOE they believe there will be no “problem” in reaching an agreement

Alfonso Rueda talks to Lee
Alfonso Rueda talks with PP leader Alberto Nez Feijo.EFE
  • Policy PP protects the government and prevents its allies from overthrowing the national security law
  • Government Sanchez’s aggression jeopardizes the state’s agreement with PP: “How many more humiliations will we have to endure?”

The confrontation between PSOE and PP intensifies at times, but there is still room for state agreements. As Feijo insists that the opposition is one thing and the alternative is another, the harshness of the PP’s criticism of the government – and vice versa – does not deter the silent work from proceeding in the quest for state compromise. Therefore, next week the PSOE’s parliamentary spokesman, Hctor Gómez, is going to propose a meeting with the PP, Cuca Gamarra, to move forward on issues that can be agreed upon, according to socialist sources.

In that conversation they will talk about the national security law, the processing of which was saved this Thursday. popular By helping the executive to revoke amendments in the entire ERC, PNV, Buildoo and Ms pass. In other words, Sanchez’s parliamentary ally. According to PP sources, Gamra has four key requirements to support approval of the standard. He is going to introduce amendments to improve some aspects and in PSOE he believes that there will be no problem in reaching agreement. Previously, as with Pablo Casado, PP wanted to take it to the Constitutional Court and now he wants to fix it.

The first condition of the PP is that the Prime Minister undertakes to be accountable to Parliament in the event of a declared situation of interest to national security. The new law gives the chief executive more power in those matters, as he can issue decrees without the National Security Council or Congress, and without much flexibility in procedures. PP wants it to be mandatory to pass through Congress.

A second correction of Gamra’s proposed legal text is that the exercise of liberty rights is not suspended in the case of compulsory personal benefits. This means that any person of legal age will be bound to obey the orders of the competent authorities in certain cases of emergency and without the right to compensation. Even an organic law cannot establish such a suspension of liberty, said the PP deputy this Thursday Juan Antonio Callejas. In an argument that this newspaper has accessed, the government responds that what has been amended has already been approved in a common law and, therefore, a higher-ranking criterion is not necessary.

The third request to PSOE would be that it compensates those who are compelled to provide services to the State. The Constitution forbids this, argues the PP, because if he is not compensated, the citizen becomes an asset for public use without the possibility of compensation.

The final demand of the PP would be to revoke the suspension of the liberalization regime of Capital Movements Law. Already at the worst of the pandemic, the government suspended the liberalization of some foreign investments. Let’s talk article by article and have a sense of the state, summarizes Deputy Callejous.

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