PP highlighted Sanchez’s “error” in his first face-to-face with Feijo: “If making an offer is getting in the way…”


‘Popular’ believes Sanchez was wrong for strongly opposing Feijo’s “social-democratic” plan

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Pedro Sanchez during yesterday’s control session in the Senate.Javier Barabancho
  • George Bustos Feijo-Snchez: none is as hard as inflation
  • managing committee Feijo offers to “add and create” PP and Sanchez replies that it only serves to “get in the way”.

After his first face-to-face meeting with Pedro Sánchez, and already on his way to the Senate bar to drink coffee with Javier Marotto and discuss the move, Alberto Nez Feijo met with a Galician senator from PSOE , who enthusiastically congratulated him and congratulated him on the success of his parliamentary debut. Feijo wanted concrete measures against inflation, so he took this opportunity to repeat, point-blank, a question that Sanchez had not answered. And why don’t we return the excess collection from inflation to citizens? The rival senator replied that if more is paid out, it is also because more social benefits are at stake. But Feijo did not release the dam and replied that if there is an additional 13,500 million in the public exchequer in just four months, it is basically due to inflation. And that the PSOE should support a social democratic measure such as temporarily reducing the tax burden only for low and middle incomes—along with a deflation—to reduce the impact of the CPI.

Such a casual episode serves well to explain the conclusions that PP draws from the first one-on-one meeting between Feijo and Sanchez in the Senate: the president has responded with nothing and the opposition The leader posted the message that we wanted to seek economic agreements.


One of the main ideas PP presented himself with in this debate was that voters of dissatisfied socialists directly verified that Feijo’s economic plan was neither dogmatic nor extremist. Reducing personal income tax for low- and middle-income earners is social democratic, he points out in his environment. We don’t protect the rich from inflation, only those who feel the effects of rising prices insist.

In Feijo’s team, they emphasize how unusual it is that Sanchez accuses PP of obstructing, obstructing, and obstructing. He really thought that the chief executive would not make the mistake of insulting the main opposition party again. The talk of getting in the way has stunned us. Not the tone we expected. We’re surprised that on day one Sanchez says the opposition is on the way. If making a resolution is coming in the way… we are not used to these debates with widespread disqualification, he told Gnova.

Feijo was so confident in his chances of reaching an agreement that he painted the first page of the documentation he took to the Senate with a picture of the Monclo Pacts. That image sums up the vision of the new phase we want to open: the search for consensus in a country that needs a political class that ceases to be a ballast.

For some of PP’s heavyweights, the fight was a bit as if athletes from different disciplines were fighting in the ring, who also spoke at a different frequency. Each posted their messages before 19-J, with no sign of reaching an economic deal or an agreement in general. Sanchez gave us the answer we were expected to: that we are who marriedThat we are extreme authority, masculine …, they add to pp.

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