PP loses secretary general of European PP after 23 years


Feijo closes in exchange for a vice president for Ponce with wealth and competencies in Ibero-America

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Alberto Nez Feijo and Esteban González Ponce at an event in Madrid.Xavi Martinez
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The Popular Party has lost the General Secretary of the European Party for the first time in 23 years. European People’s Party (PPE) published this Saturday the list of candidates for the presidency and vice-presidential that will be voted on at the Rotterdam Congress next week and it follows that the Spanish MEPs Antonio Lopez-Istrizu did not become general secretary again

The PP thus loses what was the chief executive position of the EPP, hitherto the first party in the eurozone, obtained after an agreement in 1999 by its then-president, José Mara Aznar. Helmut Kohli On delivery of the fee in the dome. He was then appointed General Secretary alejandro agagoIn 2002 he was replaced by López-Istírez, who has so far managed to hold the position and aspires to continue until 2024.

López-Istreiz’s departure is automatic because the PP has submitted Esteban González Ponce’s candidacy for one of the 10 vice-presidents of the EPP, as it is considered incompatible to hold the two positions in the dome. This is the first international decision by the new PP leader Alberto Nez Feijo, thus promoting González Ponce. Galician in person closed two weeks ago santiago de compostela With whom to become the new president of EPP, German manfred weberA vice president for Ponce with economic powers, including European funds and relations with Latin America.

Feijo has chosen this option, although it involves losing the Secretary-General. This last position was considered strategic by Aznar in his time as it was equivalent to the CEO of the main political party. europaWith the ability to promote positions in cases such as deficit regulations or European funds.

In conversation with this newspaper, González Ponce compared the loss to the position: the new president would propose a different party model that turns the General Secretariat into an administrative body, not a political body. European competencies will be distributed among the vice-presidents. According to Valencian MEPs, with this new model, we will have a very strong position.

The EPP coordinates lines before European summits to be defended by heads of government or prime ministers who belong to its political family. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is part of the EPP and will participate in the conference of the Dutch city, as well as the commissioner with the highest economic burden, the Latvian. valdis dombrowski,

Ponce, the strong man in Europe

A few months back the perspective of the allegations was very different, as was published by this newspaper. López-Istriz wished not only to continue, but also to occupy the presidency of the party with the support of the then leader Pablo Casado. He counted for this, as French party sources confirmed to this newspaper. RepublicanWith the sympathy of the various parties hostile to the outgoing President, Donald Tusk, was replaced by a German. However, Webber has played his cards hard, coinciding with the weakening of the PP due to the sudden departure of Cassado. Tusk was also critical of the deal with Vox in Castilla y León.

In the end, Weber will be appointed CEO on the first date and his good relationship with Ponce is reassuring in Genoa.

However, one option was to try for the post of vice-president and retain the secretary-general, arguing that there would be two Germans in the leadership (in addition to Weber, one vice-president), but this is not possible. Weber has noted that López-Istrez was disputing him for the presidency and that poor personal relations between the latter and Ponce, both MEPs, have complicated this choice for Nez Feijo as well.

The Galician leader thus confirms that González Ponce, Deputy Secretary of Institutional Action in Genoa, will also be his strong figure in European and international politics.

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