PP offensive against Infancia Libre leader’s “ideological” pardon: “It’s a shame”


The ‘popular’ condemns a campaign against the rule of law and demands the presence of Monteiro, Lope and Belara

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Alberto Nez Feijo, Flix Bolaos and Luis Planas in the Commemorative Act for Spain’s Entry into the OT
  • paper The government pardons the president of Infancia Libre, although he has not repented of his son’s abduction.
  • testimony Mara Sevilla’s son from Infancia Libre: “My mom scares me”

Pedro Sánchez’s government has turned to pardon, with a clear purpose, to correct the imbalance between criminal law and justice, to serve its parliamentary partners or serve its members. for another political instrument. Ideological endings and media campaigns. This is the opinion of the national leadership of PP, sorry for Mara SevillaPresident of free childhoodGuilty of kidnapping her son and showing no remorse, is a disgrace.

Pardoning those whose children have been caught irregularly, without schooling and with false accusations, is a violation of our rule of law and separation of powers. This is confirmed by the PP’s final internal argument, which he has agreed to. World,

loss popular Thus, they launch a political offensive that also includes demanding the presence of three ministers: Justice (Pillar Lope), Equality (Irene Monteiro) and Responsible for Children (Ion Bellara). He seeks legal and political explanation from the three of them about the apology.

On 25 May, published in Govt. official state bulletin Seville’s pardon, after separating his 11-year-old son from his father between 2017 and 2019, sentenced him to two and a half years in prison and four years of loss of parental authority. Thanks to the pardon with which the sentence passes from two and a half years to two years, the woman should not return to prison.

will do it again

That way, Seville, who has publicly reiterated that he would do it again (to protect my son), could continue to see his offspring, which he confined to a farm. cuenca In which they were allowed to broadcast only half an hour a day to avoid being traced. In addition, Sevilla had inspired his son in his flight, in evangelical faith, and when police arrested him, the child repeated that his father was the devil, according to police sources.

This use of pardon is not justified from the point of view of politics or law, popular people put forward in their argument.

The Minister for Equality assures that with this pardon a debt has been paid with protective mothers who, in his opinion, have done the only thing that protects their children from their parents. For PP, it shows that we are facing a political battle. Minister Monteiro insists that the protective mother should be protected and then pardoned based on the minister’s criteria, Gnova sources complain. That is, the minister says that if the law is wrong in his opinion, then it is not implemented. For the team of Alberto Nez Feijo, now council of ministers It is a judicial body that removes sentences.

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