PP points to Zimo Puig for the “corruption” of the Valencian PSOE: “We have had the case for a while”.


Ilas Bandodo, general coordinator of ‘Popular’, demands an immediate “explanation” from PSPV and Faraz for the alleged bribes revealed by EL Mundo.

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  • Karupsin The presence of dozens of invoices reveals bribes to Valencian PSOE officials and possible illegal financing of the party.
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“We’ve had the case for a while.” PP believes Zimo Puig should immediately “explain” the “corruption” case uncovered by EL Mundo this Monday. Upon learning of the presence of dozens of invoices, which reveal bribery and possible illegal financing of said party to the positions of the Valencian PSOE, the general coordinator of the PP, they bandododemanded that the chairman of Valencian CommunityZimo Puig, “Today” details “this situation”.

number three De Feijo has also called on Pedro Sánchez to make public “the state of PSOE at the federal level”. This newspaper published that businessman Jaime Faberer allegedly bribed political officials for years to obtain urban development. In addition, it so happens that Manolo Mata, a former strongman of Zimo Puig, has as Faber’s lawyer.

“If PSOE wants to talk about corruption, it already knows where to talk about corruption,” Bandado said. He insisted, “The matter requires the least clarification. With conspiracies affecting the socialists, I ask them to seek clarifications only like other matters. More transparency, clarity and multiple clarifications are needed.” ” Most of all, it accounts for “how deep is this matter”.

As this paper has revealed, a significant progress has been made in this case when dozens of invoices appearing on record surfaced in the summary. The prosecutor’s office believes they are liars and that they bribe socialist officials in exchange for urban allotments and potentially illegal funding of the party.

In a press conference at the PP’s headquarters, Bandodo has turned ugly to socialists who talk about past scandals of the ‘popular’, not their own. “There have been nine ministers in Andalusia this weekend and they have talked, among other things, about corruption. In Andalusia. You must have the courage for a socialist to talk about corruption in Andalusia: ERE, the Faf, course of formation, 700 million fraud, condemned with final judgment and two former board chairmen awaiting sentencing”. “You have to be courageous,” insisted Bandodo, who has given a lengthy turnaround when asked about the PP scandals.

In the so-called Azud operation, the former deputy representative of the government in Valencia, Rafael Rubio, and José María Catala, the person responsible for the party’s finances, have already been involved. Meanwhile, the main person under investigation is lawyer Manolo Mata, who a few weeks ago was Zimo Puig’s number two in the party as deputy general secretary of the Valencian PSOE (PSPV) and spokesman in the Autonomous Courts.

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Bandodo, on the other hand, has announced that Feijo will rallies on his own and will only match with Juanma Moreno in the campaign’s central act in Antequera (Málaga) on 12 June. The President of the PP will visit six provinces before the 19-J and the Secretary General, Cucá Gamarra, the other two: Córdoba (June 13) and Huelva (14). Feijo will take place in Málaga on June 3, in Granada on June 4, in the province of Cediz on the afternoon of the 11th, in Jerez de la Frontera on January 12, January 15, and in Almería on the 16th. pp source.

For now, no national leader is expected to participate in the conclusion of the campaign. And the barons would not hold a second round of rallies: “The strategy devised by the Andalusian PP was to keep regional presidents pre-campaign,” assured Bandado. On Tuesday, Isabel Diaz will visit Ayuso Cádiz, the province that elects the most representative: 15.

“The national PP is in the service of Juanma Moreno to gain a greater majority which allows him to give Andalusian peace of mind as a whole,” insisted Bandado, who called for “doing business with the desperation of the people”. criticized the government for All the more thanks to the spiral of inflation and not returning it to the pocket of the citizen, in his opinion.

In Andalusia, the PP has the “business of ruling alone”. “We aspire for a broad majority, which gives Andalusian peace of mind. As broad as possible”, so as not to depend on Vox and not allow it to enter the Andalusian government. The polls are flattering, but Feijo’s ‘number three’ conspires against the exemption: “The elections have to serve as an incentive to keep working. He’s won anything.” “A survey is a PCR of a moment, nothing more,” Bendodo metaphorically.

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