PP proposes to legislate PSOE 2% of defense spending ahead of NATO summit


loss popular They will send a document to Sanchez this week in which they support the creation of a European military force as a “supplement to NATO”.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Alberto N.
Andalusian PP President, Alberto Nez Feijo, during a meeting in Cediz.EFE

In a document that the PP is going to send this week to government and parliamentary forces seeking an agreement on defense policy within the framework of the NATO summit in Madrid, it proposes to increase spending in the sector.

At a time when the executive has promised to raise 2% of GDP in 2030 with the reluctance of the purple part of the coalition, the team of Alberto Nez Feijo wants to agree with PSOE on an economic shield for defence, and make it wants.

The Popular Party understands that through a new state agreement, adequate financing of national defense must be guaranteed, with a law that guarantees economic adequacy and stability, as well as 20% of spending for investment programs. Surrender Tools and R+D+I. as detailed sources popular.

According to this newspaper’s other sources in Genoa, the law will establish a minimum spending limit. In this way, the PP seeks to guarantee that it reaches 2% of GDP and to better distribute efforts within the coalition, even in the face of complaints of exceeding the limit set by NATO. America. If it agrees with us, it does not agree with Podemos, Summary in the main floor of Gnova, 13. We extend a hand to PSOE so that defense is no longer the place from which funds are deducted while preparing the budget Is.

In addition, the formation led by FEIZO supports the creation of a European military force, guarantees the EU’s strategic autonomy and thus contributes to transatlantic and global security as a complement to NATO. So popular Advocate now to strengthen Spanish participation in collective security plans, especially in NATO.

It should be remembered that on Monday the PP had already detailed that its proposal would include the specific request that NATO keep the southern borders of the European Union under its umbrella, above all, ceuta You Melilla, To prevent Morocco from using the new migrant crises as a method of pressure.

What the main opposition party is seeking is a guarantee of the security of all national territories, with a special focus on the non-peninsular territories, including security and associated security guarantees, especially along the southern border of the European Union.

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