PP warns EU will approve Spain if government renews Constitutional Court on its own


Esteban González Ponce would offer the PSOE a plan to reform justice and unblock the CGPJ “within a month” and warned the executive that “it would break the constitution” if it replaced the two magistrates of the High Court already Is

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“Before a month has elapsed, the PP will send a proposal to the PSOE for renewal of constitutional bodies, reform of justice and regeneration of justice.” Thus Esteban González Ponce announced a new deadline for his party to unblock the CGPJ, whose members have been in office for more than three and a half years. The Deputy General Secretary of the Institutional of the Popular believes that the General Council of Judiciary is going to be renewed before the summer holidays, but has put a red line.

Which one? At the same time, when council members are changed, a legal reform is undertaken to “politicize justice”. “The constitutional mandate must be fulfilled and organic law must be followed and we believe that constitutional bodies must be renewed in accordance with existing law,” Ponce said at a news conference. “But the situation is so dire that a simple conversation is no longer enough, it is not enough to change the cards: it is necessary that the conversation be promoted, reformed so that this situation does not happen again and a promise of regeneration”, he Told.

“We cannot renew the CGPJ if that renewal does not include regeneration and improvement”, Ponce insisted, which would not detail any plans to be sent to Alberto Nez Feijo Pedro Sánchez. wanted to do “There is no conditioning. We are not going to include any idea that does not come from judicial associations,” he defended.

But Ponce has focused on one of the issues that is bloodiest in his opinion: the fact that the government wants to replace the two magistrates of the Constitutional Court on its own, despite the fact that the Constitution requires four. That’s four at a time. But it so happens that the government changed the law so that the CGPJ cannot make appointments while in office and this has now become against the interests of the executive.

The deputy secretary warned the government that this incomplete renewal would “put into question the legitimacy of the court, break the constitution and have the EU accept the consequences.” The people who? “economic consequences” as a sanction and, in the form of “legal consequences”, he has said.

“partisan correction”

“The Constitution does not see the possibility of an incomplete renewal, but by a third. If the government wants to do away with the PP and make partisan reforms, it is better to repeal its legislation and allow the CGPJ to choose [de nuevo] to magistrates” and not to “break the Constitution”. “Before breaking the Constitutional Court, give back to the CGPJ the powers you have taken away from it”, and that the four magistrates of this shift “renew themselves at the same time”. , Ponce has declared “It is the government which is responsible for the fact that the CGPJ cannot renew two magistrates, and is therefore responsible for the fact that the CGPJ is broken”, he said.

The Minister of Justice, Pilar Lope, confirmed this Monday that the executive’s appointment of two magistrates is more than realistic, with González Ponce not wanting to clarify whether his party would appeal to the courts: “There are no reasons for the government to To take such a risky step from the constitutional point of view”.

“There are legal and economic consequences to be achieved”, insisted Ponce, who has maintained that the government has not communicated with the PP in recent weeks, but has only “insulted”. And he has issued a final warning: “The Polish and Hungarian governments started off like this, the opposition stopped them.”

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