Premier League: Guardiola already has Haaland, the perfect toy: a story of millions, goals and a necessity


Manchester City will pay the Norwegian striker a net salary of around $22 million for each of the five seasons he was signed, after paying a clause of more than 60 million bonuses.

Haaland, after a game with Borussia Dortmund.
Haaland, after a game with Borussia Dortmund.ina fassbenderAFP
  • to sign Haaland is moving to Manchester City, Guardiola already has his desired ‘9’

Manchester City’s continental elimination at the hands of Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu and the official announcement of the signing Erling Haaland (Leeds, England, 2000) By the English club, six days have passed. Football, business and storytelling require quick, forceful responses. And few clubs in the world like City, backed by investment funds of the Abu Dhabi royal family, have the ability to give a coach the most coveted pieces. pep guardiola He had been accepting the growing need for some time. for his work Citizen, imposed in England, incomplete in Europe, it lacked a specialist, a goalscorer. A soccer player with cyborg manners, who is still tactically malleable and insensitive to historical emergencies. the perfect toy.

When on 9 March Joan Laporta gathered a group of journalists at a long table full of croissants and sandwiches for the appointment of a private mass, the President of Barcelona, ​​although with a small mouth, had already accepted. had done that Hollande would end up at Manchester City. This was revealed to him from the English club environment, where he has old colleagues, and from his good friend’s circle. mino raiola, the hysterical agent who died last week. Laporta had previously assumed that Real Madrid would focus all their efforts Kian Mappo, and that the Barca club will not be able to cope with an operation that is worth 250 million euros. it was no use xavi hernandez You Jordi CruyffAs told in his days GamesWill meet with the striker in Munich to talk about Barcelona’s alleged rebuilding.

Haaland’s signing figures, at the expense of the striker, who has just agreed his employment contract, are still slipping into dream territory. Although it was estimated from the major representation agencies that the finish clause of the batting Rams to leave this summer was €75 million, a transfer payment from Manchester City’s environment to Borussia Dortmund was set at 60 million as a bonus. has gone. As for salary, Haaland netted around €22 million for each of the five seasons he signed.

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In any case, numbers that force comparison with signatures made by Josep Maria Bartomeu During his presidential delirium in Bara. President ordered to pay 120 million euros and for four other variables coutinho -now about to move to Aston Villa for 20, where he plays on loan-; 105 million constants and 20 variables in . For Demblewho is on the run from the fifth and final year of his contract without any sports or pecuniary advantage; and 120ms on GriezmannLend to Atlético for two seasons where it extends its Twilight.

The legend always swirled around Guardiola that he was a coach who rejected the traditional figure of the centre-forward. That his football sought a choral development, with a metaphorical 3-7-0 system with which he won the Club World Cup in 2017 against Santos. It all had to do with the need to seek answers. I made a false center forward position for Messi at the Burnaboo because he needed to excel in midfield. And from there the Argentine did not move to the desperation of the nines ibrahimovic, ito, Villa -which best fits the side- or bojan, In Munich, after a difficult year MandzukiRam was assumed to be a pure batsman lewandowski, While in the city, after the cry of farewell agero And see how Tottenham didn’t give up Harry KaneHad to re-invent. Foot This has been his favorite option this season. But Haaland takes that to another dimension with an average of 0.97 goals this year.

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