President Zelensky erupts at Cannes opening and quotes Chaplin: Cinema cannot remain silent”


The 75th edition of the festival begins with the Gran Teatro Lumiere standing in front of an emotional speech about ‘The Great Dictator’: “Hate will disappear and dictators will die”.

President Zelensky at the inauguration
President Zelensky at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.clemens bilanEFE
  • Cannes Film Festival The Cannes festival has kicked off and its director has defended it against allegations of discrimination against female directors, being Russfilo, being censored and being sold to Hollywood.

“Cinema cannot remain silent in the face of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.” Instead of merely appearing at the opening of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the President of Ukraine was completely in control of the situation (his position). Politician who was once an actor, founded the Gran Teatro Lumire Like the first few times. Maybe never before. His presence, emotional and perfectly calculated, again pressed the key to what is needed. If before the United States Congress he remembered Pearl Harbor and at the Spanish Congress of Deputies he brought to mind the bombing of Guernica, then the hero in the World Cinematographic Temple was Charles Chaplin. and in particular, his film ‘The Great Dictator’.

“Hundreds of people die every day. None of them are going to get up after the last applause. […] What will the cinema do? Will you speak or remain silent? If there is a dictator and there is a fight for freedom, then everything depends on our unity. So can cinema stay on the sidelines? […] We need a new Chaplin to show us that cinema cannot remain silent.”, he said in reference to the first sound film of the genius born in London in 1889. There was someone in the audience who couldn’t help but speak word for word, the speech with which the 1940 film closed, shot entirely of World War II. There Chaplin warns the world that it is falling apart: “The dictators are free, only they, but they enslave the people. Let us now fight to fulfill what was promised. Let us all set the world free.” Fight for .

And the conclusion of Zelensky, consequently, wanted to be ready for the task: “To all who listen to me, I say: do not despair, Hatred will end and dictators will die. We have to win this victory and we need a cinema that ensures that this ending is always in favor of freedom.”

Shortly before actress Virginie Efira gave the President the floor in battle, the festival’s artistic director Thierry Framaux recalled the event’s commitment to an invasion that has determined both the programming and the meaning of the event. It mentions two generations of Ukrainian filmmakers. sergei loznitsa Presents ‘Natural History of Destruction’About the fall of German cities during World War II, while young Maxim Nakonechny Premiere ‘butterfly sight’ In the Un Certain Regard section.

Also, last week a posthumous film by a Lithuanian director Mantus cavedravicius, The murder was carried out in Mariupol in early April. ‘Mariopolis 2’ It shows the life that continues under the bombs “and reveals images that are as tragic as they are hopeful”, in the words of the festival’s programme. On the other hand, only Russian dissidents Kirill Serebrennikov The ban on all presentations and delegations related to the Moscow government is bypassed.

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