Pretend to be a child survivor in the Uvalde massacre


He covered himself with the blood of a classmate who died by his side after his teacher was murdered by Salvador Ramos.

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Mia Cerillo, At the age of 11, Uvalde survived the massacre by covering herself with a classmate’s blood and pretending to be dead while hearing gunshots and screams, the girl told a reporter. CNN. The testimony was obtained in an off-camera interview.

Mia, who according to the channel is so traumatized she can’t speak to men, spoke on Tuesday about the horrific attack by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who killed 19 children and two teachers. Rob’s Primary School In Uvalde, the majority Latino community Texas.

According to CNN, the girl said that Mia’s class was watching TV in a room with two teachers when they received a message that someone was shooting inside the school.

One of the teachers went to the door and ran into Ramos, who followed him into class, said “good night” and shot him. right away, Firing of another teacher with a semi-automatic rifle and children.

Mia claims that she has seen bullets flying all around. CNN inform that bullet hit pieces on his shoulders and head.

Ramos went to the next class, and immediately he heard more shots and screams. The bullets went off, and he listened to “sad music”.

She says she reached out to a teacher with a friend on the phone to call the emergency service for help. “We are in trouble,” he said.

Afraid that Ramos would come back and kill him, covered in the blood of a classmate who died next to him and who he thought was pretending to be dead for like three hours.

According to CNN, Mia said that she could not sleep and was losing her hair after the attack. his mother, Abigail Fast, Opened an online fundraiser through GoFundMe to pay for psychological and medical treatments.

“She survived the shooting at the Uvalde school. Her classroom was under attack,” Veloz wrote along with a photo of Mia on the page.

“She will need a lot of help with the trauma she is going through. My daughter is a wonderful person and a good sister. She will need help with her medical bills because of a bullet bite in her back.”

this friday afternoon donations exceeded $270,000, With an initial target of 10,000.

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