Primavera Sound: Festive excitement returns after 1,000 days


Barcelona reacts in a first day marked by María del Mar Bonet, Charli XCX and Yo La Tango, and a controversial mural in which Kolau and Ayuso kiss Brezhnev and Honecker

Colau and Ayuso Graffiti Kiss Br
Kolau and Ayuso kiss frescoes Brezhnev and Honekar styleDavid Zorakino / Europa Press
  • festivals Primavera Sound will be based in Madrid in 2023

what it feels like to step on it Primavera Sound As before, as we always did: cement floors frame, Background speakers are playing, sea breeze on your arms, smell of fried food from food stalls at the entrance, queues to drink and pee and drink and pee again, sticky heat: it was all there, his site But three years A thousand days after the last time. Almost as if nothing had happened.

La Celebración del Primavera Sound brings three authentic via crucifixes to the music industry It represents a return to normalcy in style, For party and crowd. festival celebrates its 20 years of life (an event that was to be celebrated in the Cursed Year, 2020) has now transformed into a giant monster of unprecedented proportions in Spain: adding 500 concerts and ten days of uninterrupted music over two weekends in Frum 130 Skittles spread across 15 halls The city during that week, which runs from the previous night to the next 12 June, turns Barcelona into the European music capital. This year the festival has promoted the idea of ​​bringing headliners like Beck, Interpol, Phoenix hey Megan The Stallion For smaller clubs and stages: many stars will double or triple in more intimate formats, a nod to the ecosystem of Barcelona’s smaller concert halls, the most played and one that has suffered the most from harsh restrictions during the pandemic Is .

One lap, we said, in an absolutely pleasant and pre-pandemic way: without masks, without QR codes, without previous tests, I have nothing to remind me of life with covid. The festival, with all tickets sold out for over a year, hopes to achieve some of its most ambitious edition yet. 80,000 people every day, Half a million attendance in total while he prepares for his landing in Madrid for 2023. And that the subscription price for the whole festival with the non-attendance insurance amount is 447 euros.

The festival, which has been complaining for months about the treatment given by Barcelona when it announced its intention to hold an edition in Madrid, woke up yesterday with a massive piece of graffiti intended to cause controversy: the mayor of barcelona there is colau and the president Isabelle Diaz Ayuso they kiss. Replica of the famous mural painting of Dmitry Vrubel on the Berlin Wall in which the Soviet leaders involved in the kiss were brezhnev and chairman of RDA Erich Honekar, This caused a stir among the local people. This is not the first time the festival has been mired in political potholes. In the 2018 edition, the masks carles puigdemont To liven up the end of the party.

Despite the excitement of the reunion, the cancellation of Covid in recent days has noted that the organization of the festival is doing as best it can. it hurt especially the strokes, One of the hooks of this first weekend. With all members (except one positive) already in Barcelona for days, their concert this Friday, but not next week, has been cancelled.

The festival began with a certain organizational chaos at the bar, with long queues of up to an hour to get the beer and patient crowds. The waiters, another year, are Portuguese. The first day was divided between new and old legends of the festival, which over the years have been building their mythology based on groups from the ’90s indie scene who are no longer called for novelty, but rather Asked to play the record from 25. years ago, like I have hey pavement.

was one of the pleasant surprises of the festival Linda Lindas, There are practically unknowns who, with their teenage confidence and youthful fury, came from the first song into the pockets of the public, despite playing on one of the farthest stages, facing the sea, next to the boats. invented by amy poehler and most of sponsored by Pomegranate Riot Giral, Her upbeat guitar with a feminist message seems destined to remain pop. We dropped out of school to play here, confessing our bass player before introducing members of the band from the United States, which is made up of two sisters, a cousin and a friend of Asian and Latin American descent, whose age 11 years old (who has a drummer, full owner) and 17. Linda Lindus is one of the few bands who greeted their parents from the stage yesterday, some parents we believe to be in the style of Two Minutes. fans of fury songs the Ramones, Saw it and saw it. A Take on Pop Guitarrero bikini kill And the spirit of showbiz mixed with the frankness of his teenage years won over a very devoted public. There was also Pogo in the front row.

Minutes later it began in a semi-empty auditorium Maria Del Mar Bonet, who dedicated his first song, spring dance, For the festival itself, who has decided to save this star nova can With a career half-century on stage. The singer said, don’t miss this festival and don’t let another pandemic come to us. Earlier in the afternoon, attention was shared between Asturian, the woman who will forever change alternative rock, Kim Gordon, and Asturian, the latest promise to emerge from the periphery destined to renew electronic music from folklore. Rodrigo Cuevas, Quite a showman. At the end of this version, bubble gum-like festivities and gummy pops Charli XCX The packed main stage reverberated.

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