Primavera Sound launches ‘revival’ to justify Interpol’s ‘indie rock’


The festival faces a second weekend in its historical version that returns to its origins and in which Gorillaz counterpoints.

Interpol singer Paul Banks during his performance.
Interpol singer Paul Banks during his performance.EFE
  • Song Primavera Sound: Festive excitement returns after 1,000 days

Promised 2022 edition. So much so that the organization Primavera Sound I put this in writing a year ago. What if history’s best poster, what if the most eclectic, most influential, most stellar… to celebrate its twentieth anniversary with a never-before-seen Barcelona celebration. And by no means, because for some reason it has become the first macrofestival to return to Spain after two years of pandemic drought. The half-thousand concerts scheduled throughout the city must have some kind of record. So that explains why we’re here to chronicle the eighth match day (the Eighth!). Yes, the one that marks the start of Primavera Sound’s second weekend (second!).

But the fifteenth turn of the screw for this macro-event that goes beyond its limits – no matter which way you look at it – doesn’t mean it gives up living the classics. Classics never die, you know. there is Interpol to prove. And in the special spatio-temporal coordinates of Primavera Sound, Interpol can take credit for this. New York band from The Mythical (there is no classic without myth) Paul Banks, Sam Fogarino and Daniel Kessler Pull & Bear again took the stage in what was a revival of rock indie,

The undisputed headliner, Interpol took the wraps off the night on the first day of the extravaganza and much bigger (Primavera doesn’t have a two-day weekend, but four). A return to the essence of a festival that in recent times (in the pre-pandemic era, that is) had tried to shake the label indie,

Afternoon atmosphere in Primavera Sound, with giant bear at the entrance.
Afternoon atmosphere in Primavera Sound, with giant bear at the entrance.EM

But anything can be expected from a festival that welcomes attendees with a giant bear by designer Jack Sachs. 13 meters high to remember – in case anyone had forgotten – that the numbers that keep accumulating are the stratosphere. While waiting to officially authenticate the number of attendees in this twentieth edition, Primavera Sound’s first weekend ended with 66,000 attendees on Thursday, 74,000 on Friday and 80,500 on Saturday. Most crowded day in history. “It was too much, the worst spring,” condemned Quim, a regular who reiterated yesterday, despite the fact that he predicts the festival will “die with success.” Amalia gives him a second chance. In the late afternoon, before large-crowded concerts, they claimed that the “wild queues of the first day” were not seen again.

Returning to the classics, Interpol did not disappoint. That’s why he celebrates 20 years since his debut, though a content Banks took the stage with a shy “hello”. Sometimes referenced, two decades after releasing his debut album in 2002 turn on bright light with whom tomorrow untitled– He fired the starting gun. The band gained melancholy fame with them.

The frustrating point that was almost inevitable in the post-9/11 New York scene, and which helped Interpol support reincarnation post Punk And, by the way, do with that special stamp that this Thursday the zealous yes (paradox, yes) of the believers were cut. It wasn’t all dark, but Interpol put itself in (literally) grayscale.

counterpoint put it gorillas With a colorful concert with the wind of the future. As it should be, we talk about the most famous virtual bands for a reason. Didn’t everyone anticipate a future (when we still didn’t know it would be after the pandemic) halfway between the virtual and the real? Damon Alberni, flaming and taking a mass bath, demonstrated once again that his fusion with paintings is his thing. The former leader of Blur professes the love he has for his audience. There was no imagination in his heartfelt message.

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