Primavera Sound will be linked to Barcelona until 2027 without refusing to stay in Madrid “forever”


The festival’s director, Gabi Ruiz, accuses the city council of Sant Adri de Bes for capacity limitations: “The 4 were on alert for terrorism and it looked like Baghdad”.

Gabby Ruiz, Director of Primavera Sound, Is So
Gabby Ruiz, director of Primavera Sound, at the Balance press conference this Saturday.EFE
  • music The Strokes and Lorde burst the Primavera Sound punctuated by criticism of the organization

Primavera Sound continue to stay connected barcelona At least until 2027. Gaby Ruiz, one of the festival’s directors, announced at a press conference this Saturday to take stock of a historic edition, in which half a million people have come together, that the deal will be signed with Citi next week. hall. However, the Macrofestival will return to the pre-pandemic format of a singles weekend in Barcelona. will move to another madrid With the idea of ​​staying there “forever” in 2023. “Another thing is that they kick us out,” the festival head joked.

This means that in 2023 Primavera Sound will have a double location: from 1 to 3 June it will be held Parc del Frum of Barcelona and will move from 8 to 10 June Arganda del Rey’s Rock City, in Madrid. “We have not blackmailed Barcelona,” said Ruiz emphatically, who thanked the mayor, Ada Colau, for his willingness to solve the problems that arise for the continuation of a macro-event that has the potential or Don’t want to leave the calendar.

Ruiz has been very clear: “We wish to be in Barcelona because we are the festival of Barcelona.” In this sense, he has ensured that much of the success of Primavera Sound is due to its posters, but without forgetting the city of Barcelona, ​​which has “a global claim”. In her own words, “the mayor told us she didn’t want us to leave.” Ruiz has insisted that after the initial disagreement there is no economic issue because the festival does not receive subsidies and is “self-supporting.” “It’s a matter of will.”

Therefore, on the contrary, the director charged against the city council Sant Adri de Besso, “If it continues to strangle us, it will be difficult to do it with this format,” warned the director of Primavera, who has indicated political reasons behind the difficulties the festival is causing. “They were on alert 4 for terrorism and it looked like Baghdad,” Ruiz summarized. “My technicians say they overreact.”

In particular, the problem with Sant Adri de Bess can be summed up in one: ability. As Ruiz reveals, there were plans to house 30,000 people and, however, the council refused the permit at the last minute. “By insisting, they leave us 15,000,” explained Ruiz, who explained that if the festival loses this location, the Parc del Frum will have to be redesigned, which is “too complicated.” There is also the question of not falling short in Barcelona for Primavera Sound to grow in Madrid.

But that’s not the only problem facing Primavera Sound in maintaining the current concept. The second major difficulty is with the dates: “The first week of June is the one that interests us the most because in May the bands are in the United States.” It will be a setback in 2024: the first weekend of June begins on a Saturday and Primavera Sound must begin on Thursday.

Nevertheless, Ruiz hopes to find a solution, for which he has also requested a single negotiator with Barcelona’s city councils, Sant Addri de Basé and the Port Authority, three entities affected by the festival’s location: “each one of their goes to the side and it becomes difficult. For example, the festival will need another week of gatherings because it operates “at full force with very tired people”. So, for now, Primavera Sound will retain its Catalan label until 2027. But “if the festival cannot be held here, we will have to do it elsewhere,” said Ruiz, who was the first to insist that it would make the leap. Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, santiago de chile You Buenos Aires,

As far as the avalanche of criticism received by the organization is concerned, especially with the crowds on the first day of the festival, the people responsible have guessed that foreign ministry criminal, “What happened on Thursday was clearly unexpected, with a huge influx of people very soon like never before, for which we apologise,” acknowledged another director, Alfonso Lanza, who disputed the capacity limit. Mentioned’s Last Concert brunch on the beach, Although the organization has reacted to the criticism by programming two other farewell parties, Lanza recalled that “it is not new that people cannot reach the full resolution”. But “we are no strangers to frustration.”

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