Prince Charles plays Queen at the State Opening of Parliament


For the first time in 59 years, the emperor has missed his appointment due to “mobility problems” and sparked speculation about his son’s possible regency.

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Prince Charles during the Queen’s speech.Hannah McKueAFP
  • United Kingdom Elizabeth II to be absent from Queen’s speech “due to mobility problems”

Prince Charles has assumed the role for the first time Isabel II In the official Queen’s speech which traditionally marks the opening of the sessions of the British Parliament. For the first time in 59 years, the monarch has missed her annual appointment at Westminster due to “mobility problems” and sparked speculation about a possible regency for her son.

In fact, her absence from the Queen’s speech forced the invocation of Section 6 of the Regency Act 1937, which provides Temporary “delegation” of works due to “illness”, Prince Charles, sheltered by Camilla of Cornwall, took over the Queen’s throne during a reading of the government’s programmatic speech, studded with laws relating to Brexit and with an obligatory reference to “support for support”. Ukraine“In these critical times.”

Dressed in military uniform, the Prince of Wales entered the House of Lords with utmost official fanfare and placed at a table next to the Queen, before her crowning ceremony. first” boris johnson and leader of the labor opposition Keer starrer Then he took his seat in a relaxed voice.

“The Queen remains in command, but many constitutional experts suggest that this may be the first sign towards the Regency,” writes royal historian Robert Hardman. daily Mail. Elizabeth II, 96, is preparing to celebrate on June 2 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne In Platinum Jubilee, the occasion that may mark the transition towards the transfer of functions to his successor.

His absence from Westminster’s most important day was announced on Monday afternoon and a decision had not been made until that day. “The Queen continues to experience relevant mobility problems in consultation with her doctors and has reluctantly decided to skip the State Opening of Parliament“, a brief statement from Buckingham Palace can be read.

Samrat, who regularly uses a cane, contracted COVID in the winter and himself admitted that he felt bad. “I can’t move,” he admitted spontaneously, in one of his first public acts, after suspending his agenda for more than three months.

Nevertheless, Buckingham Palace has reported that the Queen will continue with her tasks and in fact she will be quite busy this week with ceremonial events at Windsor Castle, her usual residence since leaving Buckingham Palace in her first Covid confinement two years ago.

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