Prince Charles privately criticizes Boris Johnson government’s migration plan


British heirs consider it “horrendous” to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

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Prince Charles and Camilla in London.TEXT AKMENEFE
  • United Kingdom Johnson plans to send migrants crossing the English Channel to Rwanda

The Prince of Wales has expressed his disappointment with the Boris Johnson government’s immigration policy to send refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda who are considered illegal in the United Kingdom by routes and means. The first flight with immigrants on board could fly to Kigali on Tuesday 14th if Interior Minister Priti Patel wins the legal battle before the Court of Appeal that has been filed with the utmost urgency by a large group of unions and human rights agencies. human.

The controversial initiative coincides with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, which is being held for the first time in Rwanda under the chairmanship of the heir to the British crown. Carlos and his wife Camilla travel to Kigali next week amid international controversy ‘Export’ of migrant problem to African country, According to the newspaper, the prince has expressed his displeasure about this “in private on several occasions”. many times from some unknown source.

“He said he was disappointed with the policy. He said he thinks the overall stance of the government is appalling, He made it clear that he was not impressed by the government’s stand.”

The prince’s office neither denied nor confirmed the alleged interference, but defended the “neutral” position of Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son in matters of British politics. “We do not comment on alleged private anonymous conversations with the Prince of Wales, except that he remains politically neutral. Policy issues are government decisions,” said a Clarence House spokesman,

Carlos has from time to time intervened in public issues of his interest, ranging from architecture to organic agriculture, alternative medicine, conservation and protection of the environment. He expresses his opinion in speeches, at conferences and in private correspondence with British ministers, as reported in 2015. Three years later, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, he confessed his intention to the BBC. Adjust your public role to “constitutional standards”, He said his reign would be different from that of his mother’s and acknowledged that he “would not be able to do the same things” that he does as an heir to the throne.

Patel defends the “public interest” of his migration agreement with Rwanda. The initiative aims to prevent people who board outboards and rubber boats on the French coast to reach British territory. More than 5,000 people have followed this route across the English Channel. Since the minister signed the memorandum with President Paul Kagame’s government in April. The interior minister on Friday celebrated his initial legal victory and reaffirmed his determination to face the next “legal challenges” to “break the deadly trade in human trafficking and save lives”.

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